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Road to Graduation

No description

lindsay aldridge

on 29 August 2018

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Transcript of Road to Graduation

Finding your "fit"
Factors in College Admissions
Academic Performance (GPA, class rank, course rigor, and course selection)
Standardized Test Scores (ACT's and SAT's)
Students demonstrated interest
Extracurricular Activities
Interview (selective schools)
What Should I be doing this summer?
What should I be doing now?
What Should I do Next Fall?

Send best SAT/ACT scores to the schools you are applying to.
Finalize your college search.
Reach school, target school, and safe school school
Sign up for college visits in the guidance office to meet college reps.
Start your applications!! Deadlines come quickly, many as early as
November 1st!
Get letters of recommendation if needed. Check your schools admission requirements.
Apply for Financial Aid - FASFA is moving to October 1st
Road to Graduation

Continue to build your resume!
Volunteer, internships, take on leadership roles.
Sign up for ACT/SAT prep courses and/or retake ACT/SAT
Start application essays.
Complete letter of recommendation form and request letters of recommendation.
College visits or virtual tours.

ACT Summer Test Date

June 11,2016

Registration deadline: May 6, 2016

Finish out Junior year strong!
Start looking into colleges
College Fairs
April 12th, 6:30 @ St. Charles North High School
Visit Colleges
Register with NCAA
Prepare a challenging schedule for you senior year
Check your digital footprint
December 15th
December 1st
Loyola University
Marquette University
Southern Illinois
University of Missouri Columbia
November 1st
November 15th
Indiana University
Michigan State University
Purdue University
University of Chicago
University of Illinois Champagne/Urbana
University of Michigan
University of Wisconsin Madison

Columbia University
Eastern Illinois University
Loyola University
Penn State University
Iowa State University
University of Iowa
Western Illinois University

Create a professional e-mail

Start early Stay organized

Be aware of


Find the resources to help you research careers and college on the Junior Smore

Check your U-46 e-mail

Location and Environment
Type of Institution
DePaul University
Illinois State University
Illinois Institute of Technology
Northern Illinois

University of Minnesota
Twin Cities
Priority Deadlines
Major or Program
Rolling Admission
Setting - rural, suburban, or urban
Student body
Expenses related to travel
Location/ Environment
Type of Institution
4 Year
2 Year
State Schools
In-State Tuition
Sometimes offer scholarships based on academic data
U of Iowa
Funded by tuition
Size varies drastically
Higher sticker price
Average cost reported $31,000
Can often provide significant financial assistance through scholarships and other incentives
2-year Associate degrees are transferable to 4-year colleges
2-year schools often offer training programs for high need careers that DO NOT require a 4-year degree
Fall and Spring Semesters as a full time student is approx $3,500
1. Apply all colleges in early-late Fall of Senior year
2. File FAFAS after October 1st (using 2015 taxes)
3. Receive financial aid offer from potential schools in MARCH/APRIL--subject to change
4. By May 1st make decision!
FAFSA determines if you
are eligible for Gov grants.
Come from the school or from private sources.
Money borrowed that will have to be repaid.

If need remains
cost is out of pocket or can be met by taking out loans.
Ongoing throughout SENIOR YEAR:
search scholarships
-Know the cost. Every college will have a NET PRICE CALCULATOR on their website
-Use FAFSA Forecaster to determine what grants you may be eligible for
-Help your child be responsible with their money now and develop good habits
Reading: 52 questions, 65 min
Writing & Language: 44 questions ,35 min
Math: no calculator—20 questions, 25 min; with calculator—38 questions, 55 min
Optional essay: 1 prompt, 50 min
English: 75 questions, 45 min
Math: 60 questions, 60 min
Reading: 40 questions, 35 min
Science: 40 questions, 35 min
Optional writing: 1 prompt, 40 min

Score System:

-English, Math, Reading and Science sections are scored on a 1-36 range separately and then combined and averaged to create one composite score.

-The writing section is scored separately on a scale of 1-36 and will not be factored into a composite.

Everyday math formulas provided: NO
Penalty for guessing: NO

Score System:

-Reading, Writing and Language and Math sections each are scored out of 800. Scores from these sections are combined for a possible final score range of 400-1600.

- Essay is not factored in to final score and is shown separately broken down into reading, analysis and writing.

Everyday math formulas provided: YES
Penalty for guessing: NO

SAT Subject Tests - Check University requirements
Admission Criteria
Free SAT Test Prep
Customized SAT prep
All on-line and no cost

Check your Transcript
Four years - English
Three/Four years - Math
Three/Four years - Lab Science
Three years - Social Studies
7 Semesters - PE
1 Semester - Health
Foreign Language - College specific
Letters of Recommendation
SAT and SAT Subject Summer Test Date

June 4,2016

Registration deadline: May 5, 2016

Admission as a freshmen
Illinois State University

GPA: 3.15- 3.83
ACT: 22-26

University of Illinois Champaign
GPA: 83% rank in the top quarter
ACT: 27-32

Middle 50% for ACT Composite Scores, GPA and Class Rank
for Entering Freshman Class of 2014
When searching for colleges...

Four year graduation rate
Matriculation to graduate programs
Average student debt incurred
Average starting salaries
Alumni placement rates
Examples of job placements
Program distinctions
University of Illinois Chicago
GPA: 3.03 - 3.60
ACT: 22-26


GPA: 87% rank in the top half
ACT: 22-26
Test optional option

"Colleges always chose the best students"
"Test scores are the most important criterion in college admission."
"The more rigorous the admission standards, the higher the quality of education."
"Some secret strategy can get me admitted to college."
"Colleges always chose the best students"
"Test scores are the most important criterion in college admission."
"The more rigorous the admission standards, the higher the quality of education."
"Some secret strategy can get me admitted to college."
College Admission Requirements

How a college chooses you...
Letters of recommendations provide personal opinions of your character and reveal information that your grades and transcript cannot show.
Ask an adult who would be a good reference and has known you for awhile.
Select someone who has a good understanding of your strengths.
Ask the individual in person and give them at least a month before your earliest deadline.
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