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American Theatre History

No description

Alexis Morse

on 20 March 2012

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Transcript of American Theatre History

American Theatre History Early American Theatre: Early English plays began in the 1500 and 1600’s on Broadway. Theatre activity died through the Revolutionary war but came back around the 1780’s. • In 1500's and 1600's students presented plays at Harvard College and at William and Mary College
• Four major theatre areas: New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Charleston
•Most theatres performed English plays The Off-Broadway Movement: In the 1930’s New York theatre groups rebel against taxes and expenses of prices, this became known as the Off-Broadway Movement. This later became expensive and the Off-Off-Broadway Movement was created in small areas. •In the 1930's in New York, producers and theatre groups rebeled about Broadway policies
•In the 1950's Broadway shows became expensive
•Theatre companies moved out, this movement was called the Off-Broadway movement
•This movement is still going on today
Hispanic American Theatre: They performed a wide variety of dialects, performed accomplishments and heritage shows. Often traveled and stayed in the Southwest area. •El Teatro Campesino was founded in California in 1965 by Luis Valdez
•They organized with the National Farm Workers Assocoiation
•In 1969 they turned into a bilingual theatre company and traveled regularly
•Productions were based on the Mexican Heritage and their historical accomplishments
The American Regional Theatre: Theatres were built in large cities and were called regional theatres. The Ford Foundation donated to theatres for further productions and financial aid. •Before the 1950's New York was the only major center for theatre production in the country
•When climate was favorable new theatres were created in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Washington D.C, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston
•These companies were known as regional theatres
•The Ford Foundation donated large amounts of money to local theatres for a raise in artist salaries
African American Theatre: The Federal Theatre project helped African American Theatre begin. The Ford Foundation continued to donate and training for black actors and playwrights had begun. •The Black Arts Repertoire Theatre was founded in 1964 by LeRoi Jones
•One of the most important black playwrights was Lorraine Hansberry who wrote A Raisin in the Sun
•Other important black playwrights were Ed Bullin, Douglas Turner Ward, and Ossie Davis
•August Wilson received many prizes for his/her plays written, they were very powerful Very early theatre began with playwrights such as Shakespeare who wrote Macbeth, Othello, and A Mid- Summer Nights Dream • Other important African American plays include Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and Fences Other important playwrights include Peter Barnes and David Hare Imoprtant historical plays include The Phantom of the Opera, Equus, The Maids, and Look Back in Anger
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