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The Nine Circles of Hell

No description

jake sotiros

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The Nine Circles of Hell

The Nine Circles of Hell
1. The type of sinner that belongs in this group is someone who committed a lustful crime.
2. Setting: starts off ice cold and then it gets hotter and hotter as the day goes on.
3. Brief justfication: The reason why this is put as second is because it is not as bad as the others. It is more of an emotional crime rather than a physical crime.
4. Modern day examples: Tiger Woods and Jessie James.
5. Punishment: Their physical appearance has completely changed. Their face is distorted and they are really ugly. These people are force to go out in public looking like this. The reason is that people can see what a disgrace they really are in this world. Circle Two: Lustful 1. The type of sinner that belongs in this group is someone who is an Atheist.
2. Setting: It is nice and beautiful during the day, but by night time it is dark, cold, and scary.
3. Brief Justification: The reason this circle is place in this spot is that it is not as bad as the others. These people didn't commit a crime they just believe that there is no God.
4. Modern day example: Howard Stern, Woody Allen, and James Cameron.
5. Punishment: they have to ask God for forgiveness every night and they are stuck in a praying position. Circle Three: Heretic
1.The type of sinners in this layer are people who betrayed someone during their lifetime. They are back stabbers.

2. Setting: It is extremely bright at all times. The light exposes everything.

3. Brief Justification: Traitors are typically bad people.They live life for themselves and did not care who they hurt. This circle includes backstabbers and sinners who can not trusted. They are evil people.

4. Modern Day Examples: Anna Chapman and Peter Pettigrew. Anna Chapman was a Russian spy in the US government and Peter Pettigrew is a fictional character who turned his back on all his friends, becoming pure evil.

5. Punishment: There is light everywhere and exposes everything. The shadows of the sinners in this circle reflect and depict the evil inside of them. This is all going on while the condemned is forever physically attached at the side to the person they decieved the most. Circle 4: Gluttony 1. The type of people who belong in this circle have committed a serious crime and is a fraud. This includes robbery, serious acts of lying, and other acts of thievery.

2. Setting: This circle ia underground. The condemned are held in an area surrounded by dirt, barbed wire and the floor is covered in broken glass and sharp objects . It is also bumpy and full of ditches.

3. Brief Justification: The Fraudulent are placed second to last because the crimes that fall into this circle are crimes against humanity. The people that committed these crimes stole and lied by serious means during their lifetime. However, it is not as bad as the violent.

4. Modern Day Examples: Swiper the Fox and Pinocchio. Swiper steals from all the people around him. Pinocchiowas never taught right from wrong. He always lies to get out of trouble.

5. Punishment: The punished are shackled together, making it difficult to walk around. When they do move around they are cut by the broken glass and barbed wire or fall into a ditch, causing serious pain. Circle 8: The Fraudulent Vestibule Circle Six:
The Wrathful Circle 7: The Traitors Circle 9: Violent Type of people who belong is this group are people who have committed any act of violence.
2. Setting: a very cold and icy place.
3. Brief Justification: Violent is place as the last one because it is the worst one. These people have killed someone or made an attempt to kill someone. They have to face a serious consequence.
4. Modern day examples: James Holmes: Colorado shooter, dark knight and Adolf Hitler.
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed." - Mahatma Gandhi Circle 1: Limbo 1. The type of people placed in limbo are people who did not believe in Christ but really did no other harm in their lifetime.

2. Setting: It is warm and peaceful.

3. Brief Justification: Based on christian beliefs you only get into heaven if you accept Jesus as the lord and savior. If you don't, you go to hell. This circle is where those people are held. They face no real punishment other than no heaven.

4. Modern Day Example: Mahatma Gandhi and Jodie Foster. Although they were good people, they were not christians.

5. Punishment: No torment, but nothing to look forward to. Everyday is the same, in black and white. Sinner:
One who overindulges in the sensual pleasures of life (food, money, etc.)

Setting Description:
A very dark, hot, pitch-black atmosphere that is isolated from all other sections. There are numerous demons and hell-like predators flying around creating havoc.

The circle of gluttony is placed towards the middle because in addition to affecting one individual, gluttony can have wide ranging implication others.

• Bernie Madoff (stockbroker jailed for running a Ponzi scheme)
• William H. Vanderbilt ("Public be damned! I don't take any stock in this silly nonsense about working for anybody but our own.")
• Homer Simpson ("I'll always be hungry again!")

Sinners are dangled from a rope. Meanwhile they have recurring hallucinations of money and materialistic possessions. The sinners can reach out and try to grab the materials but they are unable to grasp it. At the same time they are taunted by laughing hyenas and images of former clients who were negatively affected by the sinners.

Punishment Justification:
The punishment fits the crime because it highlights a shift in roles. This time, the greedy sinners are the ones bearing the burden while others get

Argument against my punishment:
What Mr. Madoff and Mr. Vanderbilt did was wrong, but the act was a one time occurrence. Everyone in life should have a second chance. One mistake shouldn't damn someone to hell.

Running a Ponzi scheme is not one isolated event. It took years of planning, maneuvering, and lies. Only a person with a cold, callous heart would cheat others out of billions--with a "B". This act stirs up resentment and, frankly, warrants a strict penalty. Sinner: One who secretly and selfishly takes something for himself alone.
Setting Description: A ring of fire envelopes a space crammed with demonic beats.
Justification: The circle of gluttony is considered a moderate to serious act
• Kim Jung Il
• Fidel Castro
• Ariel from the Little Mermaid has Disposophobia (the fear of throwing things away)

Punishment: As the sinner is burning up from the fire, every hope, dream, and aspiration is flashed before him and quickly gets burned up. Simultaneously, ravenous beasts are attacking the sinner.

Circle 5: Hoarders 5. Punishment: They will be tortured worse than what they did to their victims. Every day they will repeat the same punishment; they will get every limb pulled off of their body. Starting from their finger nails ending with their feet: every tooth and hair will be pulled off as well. This punishment could be the worse torture possible; it is extremely painful. Imagine waking up every morning; knowing the torture you are about to face. Murders decide to take another life and fate in their hands, now their fate is in our hands. Punishment Justification: The punishment is just right because it recreates the situation; only this time, the sinner is the one who feels as though he is missing out on something.

Argument against my punishment:
Two wrongs don't make a right. Putting someone in hell for saving something up to better prepare them for the futures isn't justifiable.

Counter argument:
The more you have, the more you should give. It's not about you and me; instead, it is about we and us. If you don't share, you will feel the consequences, and that's exactly what is happening to these sinners. 1. The type of sinner/ crimes being punished include the wrathful. This includes those are constantly angry on the surface and in sullenness.2. Setting- In classical mythology it is often described as a river of the underworld and Dante uses it as his scheme.3. A brief justification- We placed this specific circle in the 6th position. Those who commit crimes out of anger normally commit worse crimes. The most powerful dictators in history could be placed in this category.4. Modern day examples- Squidward, Nega Chin, Angelica, terrorists, and Hitler.5. Punishment- The Wrathful must spend eternity fighting one another, why those who are angry beneath the surface and in sullenness must be put with the rest of the wrathful, fighting as well.6. This punishment fits the wrathful because the angry on the surface will have to deal with everyone like themselves, leaving them all fighting for eternity. The sullenness will be put with the others because they will have to go against their silence and use their anger to fight. Dante's Vestibule is not officially part of Hell, but the punishments endured there are certainly hellish enough. Its victims are those that refused to take sides - they were not explicitly good or bad, just indifferent. Their fate includes being stung and attacked by wasps until their tears and pus run down to their feet, where maggots consume it all. Dante and Virgil observe these souls and don't speak to anyone, moving on the shores of the Acheron River where Charon guides the new arrivals across.

Example 1: The first example that stands out the most would have to be the Holocaust. The Nazi soldiers were almost in a complete daze; the Germans were in a depression and Hitler took advantage by giving the people hope. The soldiers were in an act of innocence, unable to tell right from wrong. As the Nazi officers tried at Nuremberg all claimed the same defense, “We were just following orders.” They were unaware if what they were doing was good or bad.

Example 2: Joe Paterno, yes the former coach of the Penn State football team fits the requirements of the vestibule. Sandusky has been convicted and found guilty for 48 counts of sex abuse, but what did Paterno do? Well, that’s just it he did nothing about it, Paterno actually knew about these accounts. Neither did he participate in sexually abusing these players and children.
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