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International tourism

Travel and Tourism

연숙 공

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of International tourism

International Tourism
Younsuk Kong
South Korea
At the heart of East Asia, neighboring China, Russia, and Japan

The Republic of Korea in the South and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the North separated by a demilitarized zone(DMZ)
The Republic of Korea
South Korea is 4 times smaller than california
Around 65 percent of South Korea's territory is forested, and approximately 20 percent is suitable for cultivation. Hills and mountains dominate the east, while plains are found in the west and south.
About Seoul...
Got they're independence on August 13th 1948. after japan was bomb by the U.S.A. ending WWII
"In November 2011, the National Assembly ratified the KORUS FTA, a free trade agreement with the United States"
"South Korea broke off all trade with North Korea after a South Korean warship was allegedly sunk by a North Korean torpedo in 2010."
North Korean troops invaded South Korea, triggering a three-year war. The United States and United Nations sent troops to help South Korea. Concerned that the war might spill into Chinese territory, China sent troops to aid North Korea. The war ravaged the peninsula and ended in a stalemate (a peace treaty still has not been signed), with the original border virtually unchanged. Violent border incidents have occurred over the years, and South Korea and North Korea continue to have large military presences at the border.
About South Korea
Official Language:
Enthic Groups
: 99% Korean
Area :
38,691 sq mi
: 50,040,441
Korea has had many periods of conflict (with China, Japan and the Mongols), but once experienced a period of almost 200 years of peace. After the Japanese controlled Korea from 1910 to the end of World War Two in 1945, Korea was divided into Soviet (North Korea) and U.S.( South Korea) zones of occupation. South Korea was established on August 13 1948. Since 1948 South Korea has continued to have internal conflict, a military dictatorship was replaced in 1987 and has experienced more political stability with open elections.
Korea was occupied by Japan beginning in 1905 following the Russo-Japanese War. In 1910, Tokyo formally annexed the entire Peninsula.
The entire Korean peninsula was ruled by different dynasties during its 5,000 year history.

The most famous dynasties are the Gorygeo and Joseon dynasties.

The most famous king in all of Joseon history, King Sejong the Great, is featured prominently on the 10,000 won bill.

The Joseon dynasty lasted for over 700 years and was the longest lasting dynasty on the planet up until its dissolution by Japan in 1910. Most modern Korean customs originate from this dynasty.

The royal capital of the Joseon dynasty was Gyeongbukgung Palace in Seoul

South Korean was invaded many times during the last 1,500 years, by the Mongol Empire and the countries of France, Japan, China and North Korea.
- Korean traditional food is one of the most unique foods throughout the Asian region.

- Korean cuisine is largely based on rice, noddles, tofu, vegetables, fish, and meats.

- It usually has a lot of seasoning with sesame oil, soybean paste, soy sauce, salt, garlic , ginger and hot pepper paste.

- Soup is also a big part of Koran meals.

- At every meal they also have "Kimichi" which is a spicy vegetable dish.
Low calories
Kyeong Ju
ourism in

Cultural Contents
The Korean wave (한류: Han-ryu) :

Refers to a surge in the international visibility of Korean culture

The word “Han-rye” was started from China

Beginning in EAST ASIA in the 1990s and continuing more recently in the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, and Part of Europe
What is the Han-ryu?
- Most of the singer is young and Doll-like
Fast tempo music
Fast beat dance
I-dol singer
The first of the Han-ryu
“Winter sonata”
Acter and actress (Youngjun, Bae and Jiwoo, choi) become famous star in japan
Increase the economy by ost, online game, and tourism from japaness by Middle age woman’s pan
Status of the Regional
Korean culture booms happened through Korean music singers BoA and TVXQ: They sold a total of 413,000capies.
Korean girl groups such as a Girls’ Generation and Kara ranked in the top five on the Oricon Charts.
The Korean Girl group 4Minute released a non-official Hindi version of their latest title track
The Korean wave has also been picked up by youths of urban Nepal.
They open channel which called Korean TV in Arabic
In Bangladesh, Korean music and television serials has gained some popularity among very small minority youth groups, primarily in metros.
The Korean wave has also reached Tailand, Malaysia and Singapore where K-Pop concerts are quite frequently held, and parts of Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam.
The korean wave influenced 80% of east Asian households to buy Korean product
South Asia/
Central Asia/
and other part of
North and
Latin America
The Korean wave in the America spreading from Social Media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter.
Korean companies have recently taken an interest in advertising and providing entertainment through North American websites.
On August 14, "Gangnam Style" ranked first on YouTube's 'Most Viewed Videos' monthly chart; it has received over 700 million views on YouTube as of November 11, 2012.
Economy effect
South Korea is the home of the martial art of Tae-kwon-do, which developed over a period of 20 centuries. It is now enjoyed today as a modern, international sport.

South Korea is also the home to Hapkido, a traditional, self-defense martial art.

Golf, baseball, figure skating and soccer are also very popular sports.

Nine professional baseball teams and a national Olympic team call the country ‘their’ home.

Soccer (football) is, undoubtedly, the most popular sport among South Koreans of all ages, with the most famous soccer player from South Korea being Park Ji-Sung.

Figure skating and golf are two sports emerging as popular pastimes among all ages groups with the success of Kim Yuna in figure skating, and K.J. Choi, Seung Yul-Noh, Ji Eun-Hee in golf.
Welcome to Korea
1 U.S $ ≈1100 South Korean Won( ,KRW)
- Korean's Second largest metropolis
- Popular beach city
Seoul is the Capital city of Korea.
Population : more than 10 million
Famous enterprises / Samsung/ LG's
Department stores and shopping centers
Most popular heritage place
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