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Entry Plan for Director of Special Education (revised 7/17)

Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD

Brenda Chmura

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Entry Plan for Director of Special Education (revised 7/17)

Entry Plan: Director of Special Education
Kenmore- Town of Tonawanda UFSD

Presented by
Brenda L. Chmura

Serve as the special education gatekeeper responsible for challenging current practice and striking a balance between student needs and fiscal restraint. Provide oversight and leadership for special education including the development and maintenance of an instructional delivery system.
Outcome 1
Outcome 2
Immediate Needs
Meet with current Director to identify tasks needing completion prior to start of school
Establish priority list with due dates
Post for Supervisor of Elementary Special Education
Balance requirements of current position with transition to new
Establish calendar of important dates, activities, deadlines, etc. with assistance of current Director, TOSA, CLSs and Secondary SE Supervisor.
Utilize opening day memo to facilitate communication with staff
Short-term plan
Meet with Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Student Services to review responsibilities and establish goals
Meet with Assistant Superintendent of Finance to review processes and procedures related to budget process, purchases, grants, etc.
Meet with Secondary Administrators (in bldgs.)
Attend special education department meetings (focusing on secondary buildings, then elementary).
Maintain current practice of meeting monthly with Supervisors and bi-monthly with CLSs.
Long-term plan
Attend department meetings in each building in conjunction with Supervisors and CLSs
Contact Parent-Teacher groups, including SEPTSA.
Post quarterly "letter" on Special Education page of the district's website.
Responsive to stakeholder needs
3 stages of implementation
Immediate Needs
(July/August )
Short-term Plan
Meet with Supervisor of Curriculum, SE CLSs and SE Supervisors to review data, identify trends and develop priorities for improved instructional practices
Reading k - 12
Secondary plan to support students working towards CDOS credential
Create teacher/administrator survey - identify priority areas for staff development and training
Long-term plan
Consolidation Plan
Develop Action plan(s)
non-compliance issues (need for psych eval for initial referrals)
areas not meeting state targets identified in Data Profile (LRE)
staff development (CCLS for students with disabilities, finding the balance)
CDOS programming
3 Stages of Implementation
Review District Plan for Special Education and analyze data from Special Education School District Data Profile 2012-13.
Identify Indicators not meeting State Target
Provide special education overview and expectations to new staff during new teacher orientation.
Review staffing needs
Work with SE supervisor(s) to ensure non-pub students requiring SET services (RR) are identified and services scheduled.
Attend Mandatory Medicaid Training at E1B
Review with psychologists the requirement to conduct an evaluation for new CSE referrals (compliance issue)
Cultivate authentic relationships with district, school and community stakeholders to foster a seamless transition of change in administrative leadership.
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