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Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation (Strasbourg)

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Stan Frossard

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation (Strasbourg)

Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions
Human Rights
Rule of Law
(on States that have ratified it)
What's this ?
Why ?
What is this Convention about ?
How was it prepared ?
CETS No 215
Convention on
the Manipulation
of Sports Competition
60 cases / 10 years
60 cases / year
involvement of organised crime
60-80 Countries
with open cases
Match fixing threats
every country
every sport
Promotion of:
Sports ethics/ integrity
Rule of Law
"Manipulation of sports competitions" means
an intentional arrangement, act or omission
aimed at an improper alteration of the result
or the course of a sports competition in order
to remove all or part of the unpredictable nature
of the aforementioned sport competition with
a view to obtaining an undue advantage for
oneself or others.
Coordination (3, 13)
Exchange of information (12, 13, 14)
at national level
at international level (13, 26, 28)
Detection (7, 9, 10, 13)
Investigations (7, 15-26)
Conflict of interest (7, 10)
Sports rules (7)
(6, 7.2d, 10.2)
Protection of whistle blowers (7.2c, 21)
limtation of the supply (9.1b)
Obligation to report (7.1c, 7.2b, 10.3)
Disciplinary (7.3, 28)
Traceable payment (9.1d)
Illegal betting (3.5a, 11)
coercive practices (15)
corrupt practices (15)
fraudulent practices (15)
money laundering (16)
Commitment of parties (30-31)
Recommendations (31.3)
Entry into force
Go worldwide
Effective committee
8000 operators
80% illegal
200-500 Billions €
Preparatory work
Maintaining networks
Setup secretariat
Political agenda
Enhance legislation
Formal intergovernmental
Opening or closing the betting market
Operational co-operation on investigations
Awareness raising of the public
Pilot projects
Risk assessment (5)
Betting regulation
Exchange of information
suspicious (9.1a, 10.3)
provision of information to the sports competitions
organisers on objects and type of bets (9.1c)
Governmental network
Regulatory Authorities,
Law Enforcement
(exchange of experience)

and cooperation with partners
(3.5a) “illegal sports betting”
means any sports betting activity whose type or operator is not allowed under the applicable law of the jurisdiction where the consumer is located;

Article 11 – The fight against illegal sports betting

1 With a view to combating the manipulation of sports competitions, each Party shall explore the most appropriate means to fight operators of illegal sports betting and shall consider adopting measures, in accordance with the applicable law of the relevant jurisdiction, such as:
a closure or direct and indirect restriction of access to illegal remote sports betting operators, and closure of illegal land-based sports betting operators in the Party’s jurisdiction;
b blocking of financial flows between illegal sports betting operators and consumers;
c prohibition of advertising for illegal sports betting operators;
d raising of consumers’ awareness of the risks associated with illegal sports betting.
a serve as an information hub, collecting and disseminating information that is relevant to the fight against manipulation of sports competitions to the relevant organisations and authorities;
b co-ordinate the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions;
c receive, centralise and analyse information on irregular and suspicious bets placed on sports competitions taking place on the territory of the Party and, where appropriate, issue alerts;
d transmit information on possible infringements of laws or sports regulations referred to in this Convention to public authorities or to sports organisations and/or sports betting operators;
e co-operate with all organisations and relevant authorities at national and international levels, including national platforms of other States.
• single contact point (presumably a public authority)
• involving the main domestic stakeholders
• able to analyse information and to react rapidly
• connected with international stakeholders
• looking after the integrity of the competitions taking place on the territory of the party (not only betting-related cases)
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