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Behavior, the developmental concepts and influences.

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Samantha Steeves

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Behavior, the developmental concepts and influences.

Behaviors What is behavior? How does it Develop? These two topics really mean our genetic makeup plus our experiences we have gone through which shape who we are and what we become, developing out behavior along the way You know your toddler is struggling with behavior when... Your Toddler is managing to cope with strong feelings when... Ways parenting affects behaviors. Ways food affects behavior The Developmental concepts and influences. Challenging behaviors can mean many different things to many people. Some of the negative topics include aggression, crying, children who are slow to warm up and sleep challenges. As you think about this topic, keep in mind that not all children are exactly the same. Every child is born with their own temperament, with a unique way of experiencing and exploring the world. We believe that behavior develops through nature verses nurture. Nature is what we are as individuals and nurture is personal experiences. They have a meltdown when you
can't understand them. Gets angry and throws a toy. Says no when they mean yes. Cannot settle for a substitution. Acts out when frustrated. Re-enacts a stressful event. They use words or actions to get your attention. Talk to themselves in a reassuring way Uses words rather than actions. Part of being a parent is being able to discipline your child in which they will respond to. Successful parents learn several tactics such as helping your child to develop self control and handling challenging behaviors with confidence and consistency. This allows the child to find out what appropriate behavior is and what the limits are A balanced diet gives a child more energy and helps them be alert and in control. Breakfast is especially important. Caffeine and added sugars can lead to tantrums, irritability and hyperactivity. Caffeine in particular causes short bursts of energy followed by lethargic behavior when a child's blood sugar level drops back down. Different foods containing chemical additives and stimulants can cause tiredness and aggression. Limit fast food, fried food, white bread, fatty meats, chocolate, soda and commercially baked goods in your child's diet. Poor food choices can slow down the brain's ability to transmit messages, which can cause problems in school and in your child's interactions with peers. Ways motivation affects behavior If they are too hard on their child , then they might rebel and even be less motivated. Motivation that parents show themselves may teach children how to behave. If parents are always motivated to do thing then the children may learn that this is the right way to behave. If the parents seem to always drag their feet at doing everything and show that procrastination is the way to go, then the children will follow in that direction. If parents always talk about how important it is to do things and encourage them to be motivated in healthy way, then the child may display more of this. Thank You :)
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