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What would happen if there was no biodiversity

No description

Christina Gomes

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of What would happen if there was no biodiversity

What would happen to the ocean if there was no biodiversity?
By Christina G.
The variety of life
Everything is part of a web of life
Sustains the diversity of species in an ecosystem
The Ocean
Largest ecosystem in the world
The ocean is cut up into layers
- sunlit
- twilight
- midnight
- abyss
- trenches

The most affected ecosystem if there was no biodiversity because of the ocean's large population
Every ecosystem on earth needs biodiversity and without it the whole web of life that includes us humans will collapse.
In the ocean ecosystem everything will fall apart and ocean life won't be the same.This will happen because biodiversity keeps the diversity between animals in an ecosystem.The ocean being the largest ecosystem might be affected the most
Species provide important resources so we can survive. This is biodiversity in action.
The ocean and biodiversity need each other without biodiversity the ocean would be murky with no sign of life.
If there was no ocean biodiversity would lose a big amount of area biodiversity is happening in.
The ocean and biodiversity have an interdependent relationship without one of them the other one will fall down.
The ocean has enough damage already and losing biodiversity is not going to help.The Great Barrier Reef is found in the deep seas near Australia. It's home to a large amount of the ocean's population.The reef is near gone because of typhoons.
The ocean would be murky because biodiversity purifies the water. If there was no biodiversity the water wouldn't be purified and so every thing biodiversity cleaned up in the ocean will stay there .
There will be no sign of life in the ocean without biodiversity because biodiversity insures life in anywhere by providing food and air.If the ocean lost it's biodiversity the animals would have nothing to eat and the fish's water that turns into the fish's air will be very unclean.
The ocean's biodiversity is the most important thing to making to ocean beautiful and clean .When the ocean is separated from biodiversity you get a big water filled mess. There interdependent relationship is one of the best. The ocean and biodiversity is not one thing but a bunch of things working together to make it the way it is.
Marine Biodiversity: Threats Utility and Conservation
The ocean animals depend on 2 things : each other and the oceans supplies.Animals live in the ocean because the ocean fufills the animals needs.Thank goodness it does if one tiny thing was different less animals would live there.Think of the ocean as a tower of blocks if you make the slightest change and make a mistake,things will fall.
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