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Downtown Food & Wine Fest

MAR 4715-Spring 2013

Carly McCarthy

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Downtown Food & Wine Fest

Food & Wine Fest Presentation by:
Brynne Eastman
Kristan Lee
Bennett Livingston
Carly McCarthy
Dan Rogers
Kathryn Wentzell Downtown Food & Wine Fest Main Selling Point Food and wine are our ultimate sellers.
Beer is an added bonus for the attendees who thought they had to drink only wine during their time at the event. This year we are putting an emphasis on live entertainment and the type of artists we will bring to the festival.
Directing our focus to entertainment will help draw out the young professionals we are targeting. Target Market Target Market Orlando Target Market Distribution Facebook: 3,466 Likes
Twitter: 5,673 Followers
Linked-In: 1,257 Marketing Campaign Billboard Radio Advertising Social Media Print Media Incentive Marketing "Fish Bowl" The Grape Stomp Industry Research Industry Niche: Festivals 7 Food and wine festivals that take place in and around the Orlando area.
DT Food & Wine Fest offers live entertainment, an enjoyable atmosphere and a way to network with small businesses. Marketing Options 1. Tabling 2. Giant inflatable wine glass/bottles sitting on Lake Eola 3. Grape Stomping Contest Primary Research Age Distribution Most Effective Mediums Itemized Budget Three Piece Budget Annual festival located in downtown Lake Eola
Going on the 6th annual festival in 2014
Features local cuisine, wines from around the world and live entertainment
Food Network personalitites on site to judge dishes
Originally targeting to foodie and wine lovers aged 30-45 SMART Goals 1. To maintain a 50% return of attendance for the 2014 Downtown Food and Wine Festival.

2. To create a 15% increase in the young adult (21-35) age group for the 2014 Food and Wine Festival.

3. To promote the entertainment aspect of the festival instead of just the food and wine, i.e. live music, DJs, and meet-n-greets, through two new marketing channels by the end of December 2013. CRAVE, Ceviche, Vines, Capital Grille, and TAPS (According to Orlando Young Professionals-Red Carpet Monday) One winner from every restaurant receives one VIP ticket to the 2-day festival. A pre-event two Fridays prior to the Festival at 6:00 p.m. in Lake Eola to entice our target market of young professionals to win two free food or beverage tickets.
Contestants have three minutes to stomp 1/2 a gallon of grape juice to win the free tickets. Directly Appeals to our Young Professionals Market
Make it competitive
Giving away food/drink tickets
Friday prior to the Festival around 6:00 in Lake Eola Why We Chose the Grape Stomp "Cater To Your Taste Buds."
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