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Stream Deposition

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Stream Deposition

Stream Deposition
Stream Deposition
stream's load is greatest in high velocity
sediments are deposited when velocity decreases
delta- fan-shaped deposit at the mouth of a stream
alluvial fan- fan-shaped deposit of sediments at the base of a slope on land
streams often form alluvial fans in deserts
sediment deposited in water (delta) vs. land (alluvial fan)
alluvial fan- coarse sand/gravel, delta- mud
surface of alluvial fan slopes and delta surface is flat
Flood Deposits (cont.)
natural levees- accumulation of deposits on the banks of streams
may be high on old river channels
sediments may also be carried over the floodplain and deposited there to make fertile soil or swamps
Flood Deposits
floodplain- part of a valley that may be covered next to a stream during a flood
spring floods are common near headwaters in areas where winters are harsh
ice jams may also cause floods
human activity- fires/logging, may increase volume and speed of runoff
Flood Control (cont.)
Other direct methods
artificial levees (must be protected from erosion)
floodway- carries away excess water
Flood Control
indirect methods
forest and soil conservation
direct methods
create reservoirs of stored water
used for electricity, water supply, irrigating farmland, recreation
Chapter 13, Lesson 3
Deltas & Alluvial Fans
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