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Science and technology

No description

Max Mustermann

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Science and technology

by Nam Bach Science and Technology 1. What is science? 2. Futuristic world 3.1. Digitalized world 3.5. Flying car 3.2. Genetics 3.6. Energy 3.7. Negative aspects A method to gain knew knowledge in a certain field Digitalized world General information
Source of our existence
deals with rules and forming of characteristics
deals with heredity
improved our health created by Terrafugia Structure 1. What is science
2. Futuristic world
3. Realization Natural
science Social
science Moral
science Clones Mutants Teleportation Space flight Telepathy Energy sources 3.3. Teleportation General information 3.4. Space flight 3. Realization Information society Information Information Information Information Information Information Information Information D i g i t a l i z a t i o n Storage Communicate Compute 2011 1986 technical knowledge:
2.6. exabytes 10 18 technical knowledge:
590 exabytes memory size:
320KB memory size:
1TB The IBM PC HP pavilion P6 ~1gr DNA is equal to our whole technical knowledge! Flying Car Merkmale Vererbung Stem cells Dolly the cloned sheep Genetherapy Chances and possibilities Stem cells are "all-rounder" Cloning A perfect copy of a eggcell Dangers and problems Not much experience! A "young" science Teleportation is the transport of an object by dematerializing the object and rematerializing it at another location.
important part of the Sci-fi history
a real science which deals with that issue is called quantum teleportation Quantum teleportation A team of scientist of IBM managed to teleport a photon
They used the "Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect" Charles H. Bennett
One of the scientist who discovered
the quantum teleportation Problems Today it's impossible because teleportation with "real" object would break with fundamental laws of physics.
You cannot get all the information of an atom today and reconstruct it in another position infinite cure ability? National Aeronautics and Space Administration Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong Curiosity on Mars In the near future space flight won't be possible for normal people General information Nuclear fusion Deuterium Tritium Helium 100 Mio °C Plasma hold with magnet field No CO emissions 2 Tokamak Stellarator Wendelstein 7-X Circular-like container Rotation it works continuous No radioactive explosion like in Tschernobyl uses fuel reaches a distance of 800 km 550 kg heavy 6m long and 2m tall drive up to 172 km/h fly up to 185 km/h it has two seats Cowdung train Chocolate waste fuel Biomass with Microalgae We are far away from that futuristic world but it's incredible that these ideas were from 1978 (Star wars) and for that short time of 45 Years we reached a lot and I think the next 10 Years will bring a big revolution. MY CONCLUSION Thank you for your attention. Terrafugia
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