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Caitlin's Maximum Ride Story Map

For Mrs. Christy Law's class

Caitlin Vines

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Caitlin's Maximum Ride Story Map

By: Caitlin Vines Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Story Map Maximum Ride Fang Black hair and Black eyes
very in love with Maximum
slightly stronger than the rest of the Flock
Quiet, not shy Iggy blonde hair
pale skin
blue eyes
good with explosives
best friends with Gazman
great cook Nudge African-American
motor mouth
brown eyes
curly, brown hair
stubborn Gasman 9
earned name from frequently passing gas
blonde hair
blue eyes
10 ft. wingspan
best friends with Iggy
good with explosives
brother of Angel Angel Gazzy's sister
blonde hair
youngest in the Flock
can read minds and control them
dog named Total
Max's favorite person in the Flock
got kidnapped first 14
blondish/brown hair and brown eyes
Parents: Valencia Martinez and Jeb Batchelder
hates girliness
5'8" wingspan
half brothers and half sisters: Ari and Ella Event 1 Everything was going fine at the Flock's wonderful home in the mountains when they were out picking strawberries until suddenly the Erasers show up and attack everybody. When it is all over they realize that Angel is missing. The Flock is almost positive that they are taking her to The School. Event 2 Maximum meets Ella and Dr. Martinez (Maximum's mom) While Maximum, Nudge, and Fang go to find Angel, Maximum spots Ella in trouble. She goes down their and helps her out but makes them mad and so while she is running away they shoot her in the shoulder. Maximum goes to Ella's house to find help. Dr. Martinez let's Maximum stay at their house and she is a vet so she can help Maximum. Event 3 Maximum finds a micro-chip in her arm. When Dr. Martinez decides to help Max she thinks it would be best to get an x-ray done so they go to the vet's office and they found the break but they also found something more. A micro-chip. Maximum is very suspicious and thinks that this may be how The School is tracking them. Event 4 The Flock goes to The School and rescues Angel. Max, Nudge, and Fang get kidnapped while trying to save Angel the first time. Iggy and Gazman go and save them all. It was much easier than they thought it would be. Event 5 The Flock flies to New York and Max starts getting headaches. The Flock doesn't know where to go so they decide to go to New York. On the way to New York Max collapses in the air and Iggy and Fang catch her and that was her first headache. She doesn't know what happened. She get's really dizzy and sort of zones out when she get's a headache. Event 6 Maximum gets her voice. Maximum has this random voice in her head and thinks it's her conscience. Turns out it isn't, it's Jeb Batchelder. She wants the voice out of her head as soon as possible and wonders if it has anything to do with the micro-chip and if he can talk through that. Event 7 The Flock goes to The Institute. The Flock goes to The Institute to find out some information. Turns out they find all of their information like their parents, their birthdays, where their parents live. The Flock also finds a bunch of other mutant kids and decides to let them go. Angel finds a flying dog that she loves and names it Total and decides to take it with them. Setting Conflict Event 8 Maximum kills Ari Batchelder. After letting the mutants free, they here something coming and it turns out to be Ari and the Erasers. Maximum goes all ninja on them and snaps Ari's neck which kills him. The School
Flock's House
The Sky
Ella's House
New York/Manhattan
The Institute
Lake Mead
Hawk's Cave Angel gets kidnapped by the Erasers. External: The Flock vs. The Erasers Internal: Maximum vs. The Voice The Flock is trying to get all the information they want to know but the Erasers either want to kill them or kidnap them. The Flock and The Erasers come in contact a lot and they fight A LOT!!! Maximum is in a battle against The Voice internally. The Voice is giving her advice but she is arguing with herself on whether to listen to it or not. This happens on a lot of occasions. External: Angel is kidnapped by the Erasers. Angel get's kidnapped and the Flock battles the Erasers in their process of getting Angel. When the fighting is over Angel is gone. Conflict (Continued) Thank you!!
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