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one more Educ

No description

Deborah Saks

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of one more Educ

Always connected
Anywhere, anytime access
Connection to tools (camera, audio capture, email, web resources, Blackboard) Collaborative team support
(faculty, IT, library and students)
Increase student engagment
Multi-dimentional analysis
Evaluate student engagement in:
e-books, apps and overall use

Which device and software should be purchased? Who be eligable and under what conditions?
Procurement of hardware, software/app procurement, 3G/4G contracts
Tracking inventory and compliance with software and configuration settings
Management of machines, patches, software upgrades, configurations etc.
Ensuring information security and privacy
What can we, what will we support and how? BYOD? Operational Charge Teaching & Learning First Pilot

Define Mobile Scope
Adopt Policies
Review Infrastructure
Optimize Mobile Presence
Strengthen Security Policy
Offer Technology Grant Implementation Strategies Next Steps Increase co- curricular online services
Encourage and support pedagogical experimentation
Conduct pilot projects beyond the classroom
Extend research efforts to better inform campus wide solutions The FSU Mobile Task Force defined Mobile as:
Any portable technology running an operating system optimized or designed for mobile computing. Definition Policies Purchasing mobile devices (departmental funds, grants, start-up monies, professional development monies?)
Purchasing apps (Volume Purchasing Plan (VPP), personal vs. university owned devices)
Borrowing mobile devices
Support for mobile devices Mobile Presence FSUgo 3 Questions 1. What specific mobile devices will the university procure, service, inventory and support? Deborah Moschella Saks, Chair
Robin Robinson, Chair
Chris Chagnon
Corey Hobbs
Clair Waterbury
Millie Gonzales
Chris Giannini Mobile Task Force Members Catalyst Award At Blackboard World 2012
Framingham State was recognized for mobile innovation Presentation by Deborah Moschella Saks
Robin Robinson
Corey Hobbs
Clair Waterbury

special thanks to
Chris Chagnon for the design Support 2. Are there preferences among students and does it support student success? 3. What is the educational affordance? Blackboard Mobile Tech Commons (coming soon) Dr. Cynthia Bechtel (faculty advisor)
Dr. Aline Davis (faculty advisor)
Chris Bradley (purchasing advisor) How do we define a mobile device? Thank you for watching Framingham State University
Framingham MA (20 miles west of Boston)
Public- 4 year
Total enrollment 6,415
Undergraduate 4,321
1800 residential students
Required laptop program About FSU Technology Innovation Grants awarded for the 2012-2013 academic year
Awarded to three faculty members
Biology- continuation of biology pilot with addition of Lenovo tablets
Victorian Literature
Graphic Novels and Comic Books More Pilots Additional Apps & Sites FSUgo - created as a mobile app for students. Includes information on bus schedules, events, dining schedules, athletics and more. Tech Commons (In development)-Online resource for the campus community to have access to reviews, recommendations and support options for technology.
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