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WWOZ Capital Campaign Planning

WWOZ Board Retreat January 30, 2015

Robert Stein

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of WWOZ Capital Campaign Planning

Planning for WWOZ's Capital Campaign
Why a capital campaign?
What are we raising money for?
A new facility
Strengthening the organization
Fulfilling the strategic plan goals
We've Reached the Summit
The capital campaign for WWOZ is launched
Capital Campaign is the most effective method for raising large amounts of money
Focused effort
Donors engaged in a larger vision
Enhances WWOZ's reputation
Campaign will provide infrastructure to raise additional money for expanded programming, streaming, more and better service
Informed constituency
Emerging as a different organization
Transformational program that goes beyond a completed project
How much will we raise?
Tentative goal approaches $8 million
The minimum campaign goal will be set after readiness phase and feasibility study report
Early leadership giving and enthusiasm for capacity phase is critical
Asking for capacity funds as part of a capital campaign
Has become more popular
Focuses on institution-building
Ties into strategic plan in terms of building infrastructure
What do we need to succeed?
Full board commitment #1 priority project
A compelling case
A staff focused on executing campaign with guidance from counsel
50-75% David's time
DOD 60%
"Ducks in a row" every detail understood and lined up
The right campaign chair
Good energy

Campaigns are won and lost before they start.
Capital campaign planning phase
Is there agreement on and enthusiasm for the case?
Is the financial goal based on what you learn from the planning study, or is it based on what the institution wants or needs?
The Myth of the Capital Campaign Case Statement Publication
Useful campaign tool, but can’t raise money itself
Instead, focus on leadership gifts and top of the gift table closes
Charismatic leaders trump strong cases
Donors are more likely to invest their charitable dollars when they believe in and are inspired by the institution’s leadership.
The single major factor behind most successful campaigns is…
a pervasive sense of optimism.
Prospective donors need to believe that they are contributing to a winning enterprise.
The single major factor behind most failed campaigns is…
. …the leaders were afraid to ask.

Five Dirty Secrets of Capital Campaigns
Pre-campaign phase (February 2015– April 2015---or longer if needed)
Benchmarks to move on to campaign phase
Feasibility study (begin April 2015)
Review results and recommendations; set initial campaign goal (June 2016)

General timeline

Launch campaign in summer 2015
3 year campaign with 5 year pledge period

Capital campaign

Establish board steering committee
Develop campaign plan
Board solicitation
Identify prospects through donor screening and prospect research
Identify campaign leadership prospects
Develop campaign materials

Phases of the campaign (some simultaneous activities)
Phases of the campaign (some simultaneous activities)
Cultivate and educate prospects
Engage campaign volunteers and board members
Schedule donor visits (teams of two - one volunteer and David)
Follow up with donors/proposals
Pledge or Fulfillment Phase

Board – authorize campaign, establish board steering committee for oversight, all should participate in cultivation/solicitation
Campaign cabinet – donors and solicitors
David – staff head of the campaign
DOD – campaign manager
Counsel – campaign planning and strategic direction

Campaign roles and responsibilities
...depends on each of you individually, not just as a board. You can’t let everyone else do it for you. You own this campaign.
Success of this campaign...
Pre-Campaign Phase
Urgency – both for strategic plan goals and to be ready to launch capital campaign
Ask for board gifts. Board members will be asked to give finest gifts they are capable of giving to launch this effort.
Solicit key donors who are already committed to our organization and vision
Seek foundation and corporate funding – strong board giving will increase our chances for foundation gifts
Case for support for capacity building includes: David fills in

Capacity building fundraising
Campaign Preparation
Recruit additional board members who are committed to campaign
Establish leadership
Develop geographic communities
Write campaign case for support
Prepare for planning study
Review feasibility study report findings and recommendations

Why a planning study?
Begins engaging prospective donors and campaign leaders
Helps WWOZ learn:
Community’s perception of the importance of the project
Feelings, both positive and negative, about the organization and its mission
Size of the potential donor base and its ability to give
Availability of strong campaign leadership and effective volunteers
External factors that could influence the outcome of the campaign
Is a goal of nearly $8 million achievable? Should the goal be lower or higher?
When is the best time to launch the campaign/project?
Are there any issues to be addressed before we begin? For example:
Organization needs more awareness
Case needs to be strengthened
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