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Piercing The Darkness Character Web

No description

Jenna Michalchuk

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of Piercing The Darkness Character Web

Claire Johanson
Ben Cole
Marshall Hogan

Wayne Corrigan

Wayne Corrigan is a small town christian lawyer who agrees to help Harris is his case. Understanding that there is not a likely chance of winning he accepts out of his love for God and feels it is his duty to help out. Corrigan tries his best to not only win the case but also get Tom Harris’ kids back. He really puts the pressure on Irene Bledsoe and makes her feel very intimidated. Without Corrigan Tom wouldn’t have been able to advance as far as he did in terms of the information he uncovered.

By: Jenna Michalchuk

Sally Beth Roe
Nathan, Armoth, Guilo, Mota, Signa, Si, Cree etc.
Lucy Brandon
Amber Brandon
Herald Mulligan
Tom Harris

Tom Harris is a man of God who had lost his wife some years back. He has two children Ruth and Josiah. All his trouble started when someone called child protective services on him claiming that he abused his children. His children were taken away by the social worker Irene Bledsoe. Not long after this incident he was served papers by Claire Johanson saying his school was being taken to court by Mrs. Brandon on the grounds of child abuse. Tom with the odds stacked against works him hard with Cole, Corrigan, and Hogan to try and bring back his children and protect his school. With God working through him he is able to uncover key things that help his case. Slowly pieces start fitting together like when he finds out Ruth and Josiah recognize Sally’s picture. Little did Harris know Sally and him are connected in a big way and benefit eachother at the end of the story.

Claire is a friend of Lucy who really got the whole lawsuit into motion. She convinced Lucy that what she was doing was right and has been against Tom from the beginning. Claire convinces Lucy to hide all mail sent from Miss Roe to Mr. Harris and then later hand it off to Mulligan. We find out exactly where Johansson's loyalty lies when it is uncovered that she is the leader of a satanic group called “Broken Birch”.

Marshall Hogan is a reporter who read about the Brandon vs. Good Shepherd Academy case and thought it was his mission to get involved. He traveled to Bacon’s Corner with his wife Kate to meet up with Harris, Corrigan, and Cole. Having been in the reporting business for so long he feels like he can bring a new perspective to the case. One thing that Hogan said that really stuck was the analogy with the moles. He explained how all their holes are connected even if some are located in different yards. This is what got the ball rolling when it came to connecting all the leads.
Ben Cole is a police officer who ended up getting in trouble for sticking his nose in something he wasn’t suppose to. Working under Sergeant Mulligan isn’t an easy job when you're on the opposite side of the fence. Cole was on the scene with Mulligan when they were investigating the “suicide” of “Sally Roe” . Things weren’t adding up for Ben and he decided to make it his mission to figure what really happened with Sally. During his time investigating he was brought to the Good Shepherd academy where he met Tom Harris and became involved in his lawsuit. While spending time with Harris he became introduced to Wayne Corrigan and Hogan. These four are a like a task force when it comes to finding information. Cole and Hogan discovered a group called “Life Circle”, this group is quite the granola type selling things like herbs and holistic literature. Unfortunately the members of this group have no idea they are basically the cover up for a dark satanic group called “Broken Birch”.
Amber is the young daughter of Lucy Brandon who ends up being involved in something that is completely out of her control. She is influenced so greatly by the “Finding the Real Me” curriculum that she manifests a demon/alternate personality. When she is this personality (Amethyst) she cannot control her actions and because of this was subjected to spankings at the Good Shepherd Academy. Tom Harris believed she was possessed by a demon so he attempted to perform an exorcism on her to remove the evil spirit. Amber is living proof of what the curriculum can do to a child and is the concrete example that these beliefs have a negative and scary effect on a person. Amber is a good child who was unfortunately influenced by an evil and corrupt belief system. Eventually her so called friend turns evil and destructive. Marshall Hogan ends up seeing Amber when she is Amethyst and casts the demon out of her.

Gordon Jefferson
Gordon Jefferson is an active member of ACFA. He is a is the attorney that is representing Brandon in the child abuse case. To try and “protect” Amber he brings in a psychologist named Mr. Mandanhi who explains to the judge the Amber is not emotionally ready to be brought into court for questioning. The judge agrees with the psychologist's statement and for this reason Amber isn’t questioned making it more difficult for Tom's side to win.

Irene Bledsoe
Irene Bledsoe is the social worker social worker who takes Tom Harris’ kids away. She is linked with ACFA and is a member of Broken Birch. While driving with Tom’s kids she runs through a stop sign nearly smashing into Sally Roe’s car. Due to this incident Tom’s kids Ruth and Josiah are able to inform Corrigan and Tom that Sally Roe was alive and leaving town at the time of the mishap.

Lucy Brandon files a case against the Good Shepherd Academy because she feels her daughter wasn’t treated properly. She has very powerful lawyers on her side that want nothing more than to win her case. Brandon was a post office worker who was hiding letters from Tom Harris because she was told it could ruin her court case. She understands that her daughter isn’t behaving normally and believes it is Harris’ fault. Her attitude begins to change when she realizes the people she thought were her friends are only there to protect themselves. Brandon is manipulated numerous times isn’t necessarily a bad person, she is just doing what she thinks is right for herself and her daughter.

Amethyst is the demon that possessed Amber Brandon. Amber believed her “friend” was a beautiful horse when in actuality it was a disgusting little creature that was trying to use her for evil. Amethyst would appear whenever she wanted a lot of the time when it was very inconvenient. She would come out during class and disrupt the children or at home with her mom. It even told Sally Roe that she killed her baby while Sally was waiting in line at the post office. It is because of Amethyst the court case got put in place as this behaviour is what led Tom to do the things he did. The demon was later removed from Amber by Marshall Hogan.
Destroyer is one of the top bad demons, he works under the strongman and is in charge of insuring the death of Sally Roe. He has lots of smaller demons working for him everywhere such as in the schools, churches, and stores. He was very close many times to having Sally killed but when she turned to Christ his power weakened and it was virtually impossible for him to complete his job.
Strongman could be comparable the the devil in our world. He is the head of all evil in the world and has armies and armies of demons working for him to ensure evil enter people's lives. When Strongman gives orders he doesn’t give any mercy and if his workers don’t fulfill his duties it’s basically the end for them.
Tal is the main warrior in charge of protecting sally. He saves her many times throughout the story and is always making new plans to keep her safe and going in the right direction. Different circumstances when he protects her include, when she was leaving the omega center, when she escapes from the university when men are outside waiting to kill her, and when she taken from her hotel to be killed.
These are warriors who work hard to protect Sally and are constantly fighting the spiritual battle on the good side. Without these key warriors who knows what would have happened to Sally. They are strong, determined, and always to their best when they are given orders.
Herald Mulligan is the Sergeant who was on the case of Sally Beth Roe’s suicide. He is responsible for covering up what really happened. Even though he knew the body wasn’t Roe’s and it wasn’t a suicide he played it off like it was. When Ben Cole started to question what really happened drugs “appeared” in his locker and that gave mulligan a “justifiable” reason to fire him. Mulligan hid the letters sent from Sally Roe which made it much harder to figure out what was going on. Mulligan was a very evil person who was also a part of broken birch, nothing he did was out of kindness or love.
Pastor Hank
Hank is a pastor from Ashton who gave Sally a few passages from the BIble to read that brought her much closer to God. If Hank had not done this Sally might not have been as safe and the evil could have lurked back in.
Khull is a ruthless killer who is part of the Satanic group “Broken Birch”. He captures Sally at the hotel and brings her back to Goring, Steele and Santinelli. He has been in charge of killing Sally throughout the book so when he finally gets her he is overjoyed. Khull is a merciless and ruthless killer who you really don’t stand a chance against.
Steele, Goring, and Santinelli
Steele has known Sally Roe for a long time. He was working at the Omega center when Sally was just a student there. He is part of Broken Birch and knows how the dark curriculum affects people. Steele, Goring, and Santinelli all want Sally Roe dead. They are all very high up in the scheme of thing, thinking they can get away with whatever they want because of who they are and the money they have.
Sally Beth Roe starts out as a woman whose life is filled with evil and suffering. For years she has been on a dark path that has only led her into more and more trouble. All around her there is a spiritual war going on between good and evil. The good side has warriors that are trying to protect Sally and lead her in the right direction toward God, unfortunately the bad warriors are very strong and manipulative which makes it incredibly hard for Sally to find the right direction. It isn’t an easy task to find the positive in your life when you have to murder someone that is trying to murder you. Sally is on the run, she is trying to hide from a group of Satanists called “Broken Birch”. Years back Sally wrote the curriculum at the Omega Center called “Finding the Real Me”, this curriculum is now being used in public schools everywhere. Teaching children this type of lesson plan makes them develop another personality for example in Amber Brandon’s circumstance it was a horse named Amethyst. This developed personality starts out as your friend but later shows it’s true colours as a demon. When Roe was younger she had a demon named Jonas who was pure evil. When it was in charge of her body it killed her baby named Rachel by drowning it in the bathtub of a motel. You would think no one would be able to come back from experiencing that sort of thing in their life but luckily for Sally it was possible. While she was on the run she sent letters to Harris and though they never made it she sent another copy a mailbox to later use as evidence. Having Tal a leading warrior protecting her throughout her journey made it possible for her to find God. As soon as she knows God is with her she doesn’t fear anymore and knows He will protect her. In the end Sally escapes from a terrible fate and is able to live a life with God.
Piercing The Darkness Character Web
Theme: Good vs. Evil
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