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MakeSense Roles

I'm a gangster, what can I do? A map of superpowers put to good use.

Thibaut Labarre

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of MakeSense Roles

Preparing the Challenge
Sourcing means taking your bike
and going around to meet #Socent
and find out what their challenges are
The Hold-Up is the creativity session where we solve the #Socent's challenge with between 8 and 15 SenseMakers and at least 100 funky ideas!
Hi! I'm the Gangster for this Hold-Up!
It means I am in charge of making sure
people have as many ideas as possible
and they respect the deadlines. I bite!
Hi! I'm the Buddy for this Hold-Up!
I am part of the SenseMakers but I make sure that everybody understands everything and I help by showing how to do things. I don't bite!
I bake strange looking cakes or bring food for thought for the SenseMakers
The goal here is to MakeSure that the ideas are useful and understandable for the #Socent, for the SenseMakers and for the Whole World!
I create awesome videos using content filmed during the Hold-Up and the paper prototypes
I kept in touch with the #Socent and I have all the emails of every SenseMakers. So first I send the feedback forms (http://is.gd/sensemaker_feedback and http://is.gd/socent_feedback) right away. When the videos and mindmap are done I can send the debriefing to them all so that they can get in touch (+Cc: followup@makesense.org)!
I also answer the Gansgter Feedback Form (http://is.gd/gangster_feedback).
I take many pictures of the event !
Yoho! I'm the pirate! I add the events on Facebook, tweet all the time, invite many crazy people to the Hold-Ups and update the blog.
And I post them on Vimeo.com
I kept all the Postits from the last Hold-Up so I create a gorgeous looking mindmap using Bubbl.us
Make No Sense Party
I organize Make No Sense Parties where everyone can chill out, talk and listen to great music!
I'm a Gangster...
What can I do???

Einstein said "If I had 1 hour to save the world, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute finding the solution."
Howdy! I am the #Socent and I Have a Challenge!
I'm here to do a short interview to explain who I am, what I do and why I do it.
And I'm the Gangster. I will ask you questions to try to refine the challenge and prepare the field for the Hold-Up. We want to know where we are going and how to get there!
We have our treasure map...
- a one sentence Challenge: the compass
- 3 constraints & 3 goals: the borders of the island
- more than 20 questions: that will guide us to the solutions
The challenge
3 constraints
3 goals
actionable in 2 weeks?
what not to explore?
what to explore?
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