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Famous Astronomers & Astronauts

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kimberly rouleau

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of Famous Astronomers & Astronauts

Famous Astronomers & Astronauts
c. 100 c.e. to 170 c.e.
Nicolaus Copernicus
*Proposed that planets have a fixed point--the Sun--
a.k.a. the heliocentric model

*The Earth revolves on its own axis
Galileo Galilei

*"father of modern observational astronomy"

*supported heliocentric model of solar system & was accused of heresy for this.
Johannes Kepler

*laws for planetary motions

*Newton based his work on universal gravitation on Kepler's writing
Isaac Newton

*Laws of planetary motion

Edwin Hubble

*extragalactic astronomy (astronomy
outside of the Milky Way)

*Hubble's Law

*Hubble Space Telescope named after him.
Neil Armstrong

*first person to walk on the moon

*famous American astronaut
* Famous for geo-centric model of the
universe, known as the Ptolemaic system.
*Influenced medieval astronomers.
Carl S

*scientific research of extraterrestrial life

*famous for TV show,

Stephen Hawking

*black holes emit radiation
*quantum mechanics
A Brief History of Time
Neil deGrasse Tyson
*famous science communicator
*researches astrophysics
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