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JFK Assassination

No description

Greg Gullion

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of JFK Assassination


At 1:00 PM President Kennedy is Pronounced Dead!

On the way to Dealey Plaza.

Sunday, 24 November, 1963 –
Jack Ruby silences Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas on national television.

2.00 pm –
One hour later Lyndon Johnson, on board Airforce One, is sworn in as the 36th president of America.


3rd Bullet (Head)


Bullet 10-17 degrees from TSBD?
"The Impossible Shot?"
Destination - Dallas, Tx

* Strange JFK Shooting Quote

Saturday, 23 November, 1963 –
Dallas Police: "Oswald acting alone".


Enroute to Parkland


Forensics: Angles do not add up

12.30 – The limousine enters Elm Street and “3 - 5” shots are heard.
1st Shot - Bystander is knocked down by richochet
2nd shot - Throat (Notice: John Connaly - wrenching right)

12.28 PM
Kennedy’s car turns into Dealey Plaza

Trip planned for Nov. 1963

Kennedy's Prep Campaign for the
1964 Presidential Election.

Bay of Pigs = Cuban Missle Crisis!

The Cold War Issues

Right Before the shooting.........

The Kennedy Family

John F Kennedy Background

* Youngest
* Wanted a "Domestic Focus"
* Help poor
* Champion for Civil Rights
* Improve Education
* Desire to Increase Taxes for Wealthy
* Promotion of World Peace
* Unpopular with Southern racists.
* Jackie was vastly popular!!

November 22nd, 1963

John F. Kennedy 1917-1963

Crime of the 20th Century!


Black Civil Rights

War on organized crime

Home was the Real Focus!

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. ”
Kennedy’s inaugeral speech, 22 January 1961.

Problems Abroad Took Over!!

[L – R] are Senator Ralph Yarborough, Governor John Connally and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson.

Last Speech:
Fort Worth, Tx

Vietnam Buildup

The Berlin Wall 1961

Growing Problems Surrounding Kennedy
"What is the Truth????"
The Space Race is on!!!!
Lyndon B. Johnson Conspiracy Theory
The Mob / Jack Ruby Conspiracy Theory
The KGB Conspiracy Theory
The CIA Conspiracy Theory
Military Industrial Complex Conspiracy Theory

50 years later:
*Did Oswald act alone?
*Was Oswald influenced by Castro?
*Was Oswald influed by the KGB?
*Was Oswald influened by the CIA?
*Was Oswald influenced by Right Wing Militants?

Tetonic Shift in American Culture
* Culture of Conspiracy
* Death of Trust in Gov.

The Grassy Knoll (2nd Shooter)

The Real Concern?
Why Texas?
Upcoming Field Trip
Various Conspiracy Shooting Position on the JFK Cavalcade
Then Again...
3 Shots!
Badgeman Vantage Point
Grassy Knoll Vantage Position #1
Oswald Vantage Point by Dr. G (2014)
Where was Oswald After Shooting?
"I'm Just a Patsy"
Jaded Lover Conspiracy :)
11 Months After Assassination
I ordered the hit!
Next Tuesday: Prep for JFK Trial
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