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Unit 2

No description

Kimberly Heap

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Unit 2

Whooo am i listening to?
Kimberly Heap & Bailey Wilson
Most of us have spent our lives listening to others tell us "the way it is," and we believe them. What we don't do is question if what they saying is the truth, or an opinion. We must learn to become skeptical listeners.
Stop believing people that
tell you things about yourself that aren't true.
Be very careful of peoples opinions about you, they can interfere with your future and the way you want it.
when we listen to the wrong stuff its hard
to hear the right stuff.
We need to become skeptical of all people; and also become skeptical of the people we hang around.
we must control our
self-talk- the way we speak to ourselves in our minds.
How we talk to ourselves affects our perception, and who we listen to affects our perception as well.
We must be careful believing information we hear when somebody tells us their opinion about ourselves and our future.
We must question "is that true?" IF we believe it to be true we build a scotoma to anything that is different then what they told us.
If we agree with someone's opinion and it's wrong, we will not see the truth and it will interfere with us being as good as we are capable of being.
Choose who you listen to!
High performance people are very skeptical- not negative, but skeptical of information that is coming their way.
Key to success: Whatever you tell yourself, your subconscious has the need to make it happen.
Did you know?
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