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Kleenex Prezi

The brand tissue that changed the world.


on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Kleenex Prezi

FACTS ON THE COMPANY THAT CHANGED THE WORLD....IN A WAY Another great Prezi by Kaeley Lenard When you type in Kleenex on dictionary.com, here's what you get: A brand name for a soft, disposable paper tissue used especially for a hankie. Here's a fact. Many say Kleenex (like me) is a tissue. Well, you know, IT"S NOT. Kleenex is the name of the
COMPANY!!! Moist
towelettes Dinner
Napkins (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr KLEENEX PRODUCTS facial tissues Hand
towels The Kleenex Company made:
The Viva Company
The Cottonelle Company
The Huggies Company So technically Kleenex is one of the world's producer's of
paper towels
toilet paper
diapers Here is the original 1925 Kleenex trademark. Kleenex was first used on June 12,1924 in Wisconsin. It was known as "ABSORBANT PADS OR SHEETS FOR REMOVING COLD CREAM" Kleenex boxes aren't always
Let's see.... From summer fruits.... ....to the Christmas season. You may be thinking Kleenex is pretty creative here.
Let's take that to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Okay, sorry. This is not Kleenex. This is a Kleercut truck.
(But hey-it is also a tissue company). fyi- that's a real tissue. Can you find Kleenex in this picture?? Kleenex Ha! I couldn't find it either;
so I put in there. The End!! Remember to find more of my Prezis in Explore!
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