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Empowering students with the freedom to find their sentence

When students have the freedom to learn they will thrive. Here are ideas to do that.

Lisa Nielsen

on 4 August 2011

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Transcript of Empowering students with the freedom to find their sentence

Our Kids... We have one thing in common. Are bored! 8 million U.S. students are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD 8 million U.S. students are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD My mom’s story about my psych eval at UCLA at http://Tinyurl.com/momstory Including me There is one simple cure to boredom. Freedom Is it any
wonder? That students are bored when... It is difficult to distinguish a school from another state institution? Some schools openly acknowledge treating students like prisoners. Deven Black, Teacher Librarian
–High School Dropout
@ devenkblack Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Justice Sandra Dodd, Parenting Guide and Author Will Richardson Author, speaker
Former NJ English teacher This can not be accomplished unless we... http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/MTAyMTk2MTI2Nw Who is... Share what you are thinking
Tweet: #HSTI @InnovativeEdu
Sample: Listening to @InnovativeEdu at #HSTI sharing ideas for helping students to find their sentence. Materials at tinyurl.com/findyoursentenceHSTI
Share who you are...
Take your picture on your cell or from your computer
Email it to any06child@photos.flickr.com
Subject: your name, Twitter alias, Title, affiliation
Message: Share in 140 characters your hopes for thinking outside the ban to empower students.
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