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How Jennifer Lopez made a cultural impact to the world as a Musician

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Gabie Owens

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of How Jennifer Lopez made a cultural impact to the world as a Musician

How Jennifer Lopez made a cultural impact to the world as a musician
Quotes from Jennifer Lopez
Why is Jennifer Lopez meaningful to Gabie Owens?
Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous and fortunate celebrities in the world! J LO is an actress, TV star, singer, dancer, author, dress designer and producer!

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24th , 1969 in The Bronx, New York USA (age 44)
Jennifer Lopez grew up in a Catholic family! Her educational background was at Preston High School in the Bronx and Baruch College.
By: Gabie Owens
Childhood and Educational background
Make my family tree.com
Look to the stars.org
Fun Facts about the one and only" J LO"
Star is Born!
How Jennifer Lopez made an impact on our culture!
She made a barbie doll to show how to be a role model for young girls and anyone. She wants to show that your dreams can come true!
"You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them"

"You gotta do things that make you happy"

"Don't push your weaknesses, play with your strengths"
She is helping the world with health care and creating a Lopez Foundation which helps people get Health Care and earn Health Education to the less fortunate!
She is an unstoppable philanthropist which is when a person is loving and caring to others and gives a generous donation to good causes! She is also a humanitarian which is when a person is concerned for others and helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people!
Jennifer Lopez is important to me because she is making the world a better place and she has a ton of foundations and charities that she supports and she is VERY INSPIRING to me! Also she gives a lot of donations (philanthropist) and I want to be a philanthropist like her and help create the world a Better & Happier Place!
She supports more than 20 charities and foundations!
J LO became one of the highest-paid actresses in history
Sold 75 million records worldwide
Sold over 1 million concert tickets
BillBoards 2014
Receives Icon Award!
How J LO made an impact on women
Jennifer Lopez's new song "First Love"

Look on YouTube for SPEECH-Jennifer Lopez accepts the humanitarian award
Look on YouTube for Jennifer Lopez Interview- JLO honored with her own barbie doll
Look on YouTube for Jennifer Lopez--En Los Billboards to see both videos (The first and second that pop up)
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