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Effective Editing

No description

Jodi Michelle T

on 29 December 2016

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Transcript of Effective Editing

How to be a Kinder, Gentler, and More Effective Editor
Communication is irreversible.
Communication should be meaningful.
Communication works both ways.
sandwich technique
A person who edits written material for publication
a person in overall charge of the editing and often the policy of a newspaper or periodical
a person in charge of one section of a newspaper or periodical

Build relationships
Get to know your writers.
Make time for face time.
Practice exceptional communication skills
Presented by Megan Mortman & Jodi Tandet
How 2 comunikate
Ask questions.
The ask another question.
And finally, ask more questions.
Mayor to homeless: "Go home"
Missisipi's literacy program shows improvement
Homicide victims rarely talk to police
Utah Poison Center reminds everyone not to take poison
City unsure why the sewer smells
One-armed man applauds the kindness of strangers
Sale: nothing under $5
Funny headlines
Mor bad headlinez
Man steals clock, faces time
Patient at death's door; doctors pull him through
Man struck by lightning faces battery charge
Children's death ruins couple's vacation
Something went wrong in jet crash
Man in pain after 800-lb ball falls on his leg
Hospital resorts to hiring doctors
Woman missing since she got lost
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