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Dallas Cowboys

No description

connor dierschke

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Dallas Cowboys

Dallas cowboys
How they began
Jerry jones
The first team
The Dallas Cowboys began in January 28, 1960. They had trouble winning unitil in 1966 they went on a streak of 20 consecutive winning seasons which is still a record today. Halfway through 1971 season Coach tom Landry replaced Craig Morton with Roger Stabauch. Stabauch led the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl win beating the Miami Dolphing on January 16, 1972.
How they began
Tom Landry and Roger Stabauch
Texas stadium
Eddie Labaron
The hole in the roof is there so god can watch his favorite team
The stadium was opened in 2009 costing 1.15 Billion dollars. The stadium can seat nearly 100,000 fans for large events. The stadium having one of the largest high definition (HD) screens in the world is 160 ft long by 71 ft high and runs from the 25 yard line to the other. AT&T stadium host more than just Dallas Cowboys football games. They have hosted 2009 Big Xll football championship, the annual cotton Bowl, The NBA 2010 All-Star game, Super Bowl XlV and the Texas High School State championships.

owner of stadium
Roger stabauch and the cowboys beginning
Tom landry
Coached for 29 season
Won 2 out of 5 Super Bowls
Announced one of the 20 best coaches of all time
First coach of the Dallas Cowboys
AT&T stadium
Jerry Jones
Paid for 2/3 of his stadium
won 3 Superbowls
Can hold the most seats in the NFL
1 of 3 contractable roofs
The stadium fill up 3 million square feet
overview of AT&T stadium

Landscape around stadium
Dez Bryant
0 -1:00
Demarco Murray
Dez was born 1988 in Galveston county. He attended Oklahoma State University where he set numerous records. He was a first round draft pick to the dallas cowboys in the 2010 NFL draft pick. At Dallas Bryant
Bryant finished the 2012 season with 92 receptions for 1,382 yards (15 yards-per-catch average) and 12 touchdowns. In 2014, he broke the Dallas Cowboys record 16 touchdowns.
Demarco Muraay
Murray stiff arming NY Giant
Staar players
You Tube

Game winning TD in pro bowl 2015
Led the league in most rushing yards 2014

Dallas's first team
4.41 40yd dash
1,845 rushing yard
Dez Bryant
Has 56 receiving TD's
Dez bryant
Dez Bryant Catch
Dez bryant
First season
The Cowboys were allowed to pick three unprotected players from each team giving them a veteran roster base of 36 players. Since the Cowboys did not participate in the draft that was held in November of 1959, the rest of the 42 man roster was assembled by trades and free agent signings. Even though they later began to be Americas team the first season the cowboys lost all their games except a tie against the New York Giants.Then the cowboy went to what is known as the ice bowl which was known to be 13 degrees below which dallas lost 21-17.
gene babb
Attended University of texas
Born December 27, 1934
Played for Dallas Cowboy, 49ers, and the Houston Oilers
Fred Dugan
highscoll was stamford
Born 1933
New Orleans
San Francisco
Green Bay
The Dallas Cowboys have been very successful in their Super Bowls having being tied for first in the NFL in appearances and being second to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl Wins. The firs Super Bowl that Dallas won was Super Bowl V.
Dallas cowboy Super bowl
gene babb
5 time superbowl winners
dallas cowboy super bowls
1990 super bowl winners
super bowl winners
Aside from being one of only four current owners to guide their franchises to at least three Super Bowl titles, Jones' efforts in the areas of sports marketing, promotion and the development of AT&T Stadium have created a vivid imprint on the landscape of the NFL and the American sports culture.
Highlighted by Super Bowl victories following the 1992, 1993 and 1995 seasons, Jones became the first owner in NFL history to guide his team to three league championships in his first seven years of ownership. In 1995 Dallas also became the first team in NFL history to win three Super Bowls in four seasons while tying the then-NFL record for most Super Bowl victories by an organization with five.
jerry jones
Jerry jones and Tony romo
Jerry jones
Jerry Jones
H.R Bum Bright
Super Bowls won
3 Super Bowls
2 super Bowls
Team owners
Jerry Jones facts
JerryJones'25 yearsasDallasCowboysownerhavemarked NFL - NFL.com
Jerry Jones
how many super bowls did hr bum bright win - Google Search

The first team
super bowls
Super Bowl Records: Team - Games

Rings cost $5,000
Won super bowl 2 year in a row
Holds record for fewest allowed points in a super bowl
Holds record for most MVP's
Dallas beat buffalo 52-17 in SB XXVII
Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones
Paid 140 million for franchise
Got rich off oil
Worked as vice president at modern sucurity life of springfield
chairman of NFL network comittee
Part of pro football hall of fame comittee
Bum Bright
Staar Players
Jerry Jones - Dallas Cowboys

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