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Uglies Soundtrack

No description

Cory Bishop

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Uglies Soundtrack

Your Ugly by
Daphne and Celeste
In the first part the the book "Uglies,"
by Scott Westerfeld, Tally is a young Ugly girl that wants to be pretty like everyone else. In the song it says, " Yo mama says you ugly" and that is exactly what Tally's parents said to her but in a less literally way. Another part in the song says, " Your hair was frizzy and your face was a mess" and Tally always complains about her hair being frizzy and her face being uneven.
Your beautiful by James Blunt
I chose to use "Your beautiful" by James Blunt because in the last few chapters of part 1 Tally realizes that you don't have to be pretty to look pretty. One part in the song refers to exactly what Tally went through, "...we shared a moment that will last till the end." Tally hadn't seen Shay for a couple weeks because of an argument. Tally begins to miss Shay until one night Shay stood up at her window and Tally thought that she looked pretty. "...That she thought up that I should be with you..." also refers to the book because Tally wanted to see Shay that night so she went towards the window and Shay showed up; just what she wanted to happen...did happen. At the end of this chapter things become hectic and she begins a new chapter in her "ugly" life.
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
Stronger, by Kelly Clarkson, really reflects onto Tally's journey to the smoke, following all Shay's directions and having the courage to do what she did. It really shows how powerful she can be. I would be done when i had to fall through the broken bridge and jumping off a cliff. " Think you left me broken down...Baby you don't know me, cause your dead wrong..." signifies that Dr. Cable doesn't know Tally good enough to know if she will come back. this quote becomes more significant later in the book,
Just the way you are by Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars' "Just the way you are" is a great song to Part 2 of the Uglies. David says how beautiful Tally is, in the inside and outside just like how the song says it, "When i compliment her, she wont believe me," Tally doesn't believe what he is saying. "...Cause your amazing, Just the way you are.." is probably what David thinks about Tally because she is the only ugly to come to the smoke alone and she seems so interested in the smoke. I think David believes that Tally is the one for him unless there was a secret that Tally has...
I'm Coming Home by Diddy-Dirty Money
David finds out that the Specials took his parents. He is devastated so he says to Tally that they are going to the city to retrieve his parents. Tally agrees with him because she wants to prove herself to him. So she is going home, the place that she was born. Exactly what Diddy-Dirty Money explains in this song, "I'm coming home." Another part in the song that i believe sticks out the most is, " another lie that I carry on, I need to get back to the place I belong." Tally wants to save the people she put in the specials hands because of the lies she has pulled. What better place to do then do it where you know best...home. But is it home, maybe she thinks the smoke was her home? Tally saves Maddy and Croy, but Shay turned before they could get there. Az was killed because of her. Maddy believes she has found the cure for the lesions and what better way to prove yourself then to be the test subject. Does the cure work? READ THE NEXT BOOK ( or just find out what happens on youtube)
Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
"I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL," and that's exactly what Dr. Cable did when Tally chucked the pendant into the fire. Dr. Cable came flying in the next morning with all these super specials and destroyed everything in site. Snatching up all the Smokies like a bunch of babies that cant yet walk. Tally never wanted this to happen, she was just trying to get rid of the pendant because she wanted to live in the smoke. She found out the truth about the pretty operation, just like what the song says, " I never meant to start a war..." tally feels really bad about all of this and she blames herself for the destruction of the smoke, but she didn't understand why they came? She destroyed the pendant. "All you ever did was break me," is exactly how Tally and Miley Cyrus feel. Dr. Cable broke Tally. Though Tally isn't the brightest of the bunch, she got away from the specials so she went to find David.
At the end of the Part 1 of the Uglies, Tally meets Dr. Cable. A Special Circumstances manager who wants Tally to go to the smoke because of missing Uglies that never become pretty. Dr, Cable knows about Shay's leaving and wants Tally to find the smoke and rad her friend out. Highway to Hell fits this part of the book good because Tally always explains how scary Dr. Cable looks and how ear piercing her voice is. So she's going to the devils office. One part in the song that relates to the Specials is, "...Nobody's gonna slow us down." Dr. Cable threatens Tally that if she doesn't find this place you can forget about being pretty, which was devastating to Tally at the time. Making her feel that nothing could stop the Specials unless somebody could find out why the pretties are so dumb...
Mean while in love town, Shay is also in love with David but David doesn't feel the same to her. instead he feels that way towards Tally, Shay's best friend. " I love you so much more when your not here." Tally stole all of Shay's love between David and her, Tally also stole all her spot light too, because she was the first ugly to come by herself. I think Shay regrets giving Tally the directions to the smoke and, like the song says, Shay loved her more when she wasn't in the smoke. I think Shay needs a angry song to listen too!
Uglies Soundtrack

Dr. Cable
I Am The Anger- Firewind
David & Tally
Merry Christmas
Cory Bishop


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