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Real Life Apps for Factoring Trinomials/Multiplying Binomials

No description

Dylan Chaffin

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Real Life Apps for Factoring Trinomials/Multiplying Binomials

Factoring Trinomials with Phil the Cactus Example One You can use the concept of factoring trinomials to figure out how long it takes a ball dropped from the top of a building to reach a certain height in a certain amount of time. Example Two A good real world situation involving polynomials would be architecture. Factoring the polynomials can help to reduce the numbers you have to work with and make scaling the building a lot easier. Example 3 Say you own a painting company. You are asked to get a conference room painted in about 12 hours. Say Benjamin can do it in 12, Sally can do it in 10, and Alex can do it in 8 1/2. If you are good at factoring polynomials, you can figure out how long it should take them to get the room painted if they all work together. If you can't factor, they may take advantage of your math ignorance when you set them to work. Thanks for watching!
-Phil the Cactus
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