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The Way Forward

No description

Jim Baker

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of The Way Forward

Learning isn't something that happens
two hours a week on a Friday in lab 5 with Mr Baker.
By removing the box completely and thinking differently.
The Way Forward
So, following on from this, we, as educators should provide the means for this 24/7/365 learning to happen.
A) We should be educating our students to become independent learners.
Q) As Educators, what should we be doing?
Thinking differently
The Flipped Classroom


I have set up a twiducate page for the following groups: Yr 12 Chemistry, Yr 13 Chemistry, GCSE Chemistry and KS3 Science. The whole year's work is on the page, itemised topic by topic. Each topic has its own resources - videos, notes, animations, games etc.
Below are the details to view my Yr 12 chemistry twiducate page and my KS3 Science twiducate page.

Yr 12 Twiducate Page
Login: http://www.twiducate.com/login.php
On the drop down menu choose 'student'
Class Code is jab12c
Password is 54321
Don't forget to enter the text in the box.

KS3 Science Twiducate Page
Login: http://www.twiducate.com/login.php
On the drop down menu choose 'student'
Class Code is ssppks3j
Password is 1000
Don't forget to enter the text in the box.
Each student has her/his own individual login so I can see who has posted something and when each student last logged on

Students can post their questions which can be answered by their peers or myself

I receive an email when a new post has been added

Students have 24/7/365 learning
The Flipped Classroom
Conventionally, students read a chapter in class (something they can do without the aid of the teacher - but the teacher is there) and are set the 'end of chapter questions' to do at home (this is when they need a teacher - but the teacher is not there to help them).
This is a Nonsense
How I Work
My students know what they are doing each lesson - this makes them happy students.

In fact they have their whole year's work 'mapped out' on their own twiducate page before they start the year
Their 'learning time' (conventionally called homework) is spent reading up on their 'next lesson'

Students arrive at the lesson prepared and in the positive frame of mind for learning.
The lesson is spent ensuring my students understand the work they have previously read/viewed.
They do the 'end of chapter' questions in class when I am there to help them.

Check out my personal evidence for the 'Flipped Classroom' at http://goo.gl/r2j2hO
With being web-based it can be accessed by any PC/tablet/mobile with internet connection.
Learning is something that happens 24/7/365.
Exactly when, during this 24/7/365 each student learns effectively, will differ for each individual student.
I'll leave you with just one thing.

Check out these three videos; the first by my friend, Jay Berckley, Visionary Leader and Public Speaker from Houston, Texas, the second: the story of a veteran teacher telling why she left the 'system' and the third by Sir Ken Robinson.
I rest my case
How to Use Twiducate in the Classroom

by Jim Baker
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