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Count of Monte Cristo Timeline

No description

Claudia Teran

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Count of Monte Cristo Timeline

Thank You!
Event 1
Pharaon comes to Marseilles
24 Feb 1815

The Pharaon arrives in Marseilles with the bad news tha the Captain Leclere has died. Edmond Dantés, protagonist, is happy at the fact that he will be able to see his father and Mercedes.
Event 7
3rd Mar, 1829 The Escape
Not too long after meeting each other, Abbe Faria dies in the cell. After his death, Dantes escapes from prison, looking for the treasure and put in action his revenge.
Event 9
2nd Apr, 1829 The Count of Monte
Edmond Dantés uses the treasure to be come rich and therefore, he has changed into Count of Monte Cristo.
Event 14
13th Jun, 1842 Villefort gone crazy After the Dantés brought up the truth about Villefort he come home to find that his wife and son are both dead. His wife had killed herslef and the baby to save themselves from dishonor and to live in a better place.
By Claudia Teran

Count of Monte Cristo Timeline
Event 2
Danglars, Fernand and Caderousse are making up a plan that will hurt Dantes' life. At first Danglar and Fernand wanted to kill Dantes but Caderousse didn't. In the end, they plan to imprison him.

Event 3
4th Jun, 1815
After Edmond and Mercedes are planning to get married, they attend a feast. During the feast, Edmond Dantes gets arrested and convicted for a crime he did not commit.

Event 4
Edmond Dante is sentenced to prison for a crime of treason. He was innocent but the convictors choose to find him guilty.

Event 5
Event 6
10th May, 1825 Meeting Abbé Faria
During his time in prison, Dantes meets a man who was considered the "Crazy priest" Abbe Faria. Abbe was also an innocent man convicted for the wrong crime. They become good friend, Dantes learning of Abbe's wise knwoladge. Abbe also shares with his about a family treasure that is buried in the island of Monte Cristo.

Event 10
Event 11
Event 12
Event 13
10th May, 1842 Revenge on Villefort Dantés first takes adavantage of the many poisonings done by Villeforts wife, but hen he learns that Villefort had an afair with Madame Danglars and tried to burry their baby alive. Dantés soon lets the information spread about Villefort
Event 15
13th Aug, 1843 Revenge on Danglars The Count of Monte Cristo takes 5 million fancs from Danglars making him go bankrupt. He had the bandits from Rome kidnapp Danglars and almost starve him to take his 5 million francs. Now bankrupt and penilless Dantés lets him go wounded but not dead.
Event 16
21st Jul, 1844 The End
The Count of Monte Cristo leaves his money to Maximillion and Valentine and Flees with Haydeé.
Event 8
30th Mar, 1829 The Treasure
Edmond Dantés finds the treasure that Abbé Faria had told him about on the Isle of Monte Cristo.
10th May, 1820 Prison
Dantes has been in prison for a short time but the only thing he thinks is to kill himself and to end his suffereing.
17th Apr, 1829 Abbé Busconi Dantés uses one of his false identities to meet Canderrouse so that he will help give him information on Villefort, Mondego, and Danglars so that he can seek revenge on them.
16th Aug, 1839 The Bandits The Count of monte cristo appears in Rome ten years later and saves Albert (the son of Mercedes and Fernand) from bandits who have kidnapped him.
10th May, 1840 Revenge on Mondego The Count of Monte cristo exposes the truth about how Mondego obatined his money but killing Ali Pasha and taking his fortune. His wife and son also leave him when they learn of all the crimes that Mondego had comitted. Having taking away his honor and his wife and son leaving him, Mondego kills himself.
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