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Dragon Ball Z

No description

Maceo Watson

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Dragon Ball Z

Dragon ball z nearly everyone has at least heard of this anime. It came out so long ago and it is still a monster in todays market i will try and show you why.
The reason i chose this topic
I chose this because me and my friends watched this growing up and we thought it was awesome. and we were right it was and still is great.
Important info
Dragon ball z is a manga and a anime made by Akira Toryiama in japan and around the world. It first appeared in the weekly shonen jump magezine as dragon ball, highlighting the adventures of Goku and co as children and into the early years of adulthood.
Dragon Ball Z is the manga and anime starring Son Goku (Kakarot) and his friends and family as they defend the the earth and occasionally the otherworld or even different planets and their inhabitants from harm. Now to explain, a Manga is like a Japanese comic book, but its in black and white and it usually contains expilct content that is removed or changed in the anime.Anime are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation. The word is the abbreviated pronunciation of "animation" in Japanese, where this term references all animation, but in English, the term is defined as a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. Arguably, the stylization approach to the meaning may open up the possibility of anime produced in countries other than Japan. For simplicity, many Westerners strictly view anime as an animation product from Japan.
Bardock father of Goku transforming into a super saiyan for the first time. Bardock is the first ever super saiyan.
Saiyan saga
In the saiyan saga Goku's brother Raditz comes to earth and reveals that he is a member of the almost extinct race of intergalactic super warriors called the saiyans, and that he was there to kill everyone and he than beats the hell out of Goku and takes his kid Gohan. Goku than teams up with the Dragon ball antagonist Piccolo to takeout Raditz and save Gohan. In the follwing battle Goku sacrifices himself to kill Raditz after he suffered a huge blow from Gohan and Piccolo delivered the killing blow. but as Raditz lies dying he reveals that there are 2 more saiyans coming each several times stronger than himself, and that they would be looking for the dragon balls. So Piccolo steals Gohan because of the power he showed during the fight with Raditz and Trains him for the upcoming fight with the saiyans. long was passed and as Piccolo trains Gohan one night he stars at the full moon and in doing so triggers the feral beast inside him the primal force of the Great ape Ozaru, Piccolo seeing this blows up the moon.... with no negative repercussions what so ever, funny. so a year later the saiyans Nappa and Prince Vegeta arrive on earth to collect the Dragon balls and claim immortality. the saiyans proceed to blow up a city as soon as they step foot on our soil they destroy half a city. after that they go in search of the highest power levels and start killing all of them. The mighty Nappa slays Chiaotzu, Tien and Piccolo with only Krillin and Gohan left to defeat Nappa and Vegeta. Than finally Goku returns after training with king kai on his planet and learning the Kaioken and sprit bomb techniques he defeats Nappa with ease and tells him and Vegeta to leave while they can, but Vegeta in his arrogance Vegeta kills Nappa and challenges Goku who he calls Kakarot to fight. After a long and tedious fight goku lets Vegeta go, and a Injured Vegeta vows to return and kill Kakarot.
Frieza saga
So a week after the battle with Vegeta Goku is in hospital and everyone with Piccolo dead and therefor Kami as well they have no Dragon balls, so to remedy this Mr Popo tells them to go to Kamis old planet namek. Thus they send Bulma, Krillin and Gohan on Kami's old ship. they get to namek and find that a evil alien overlord by the name of Frieza and his minions are also there looking for the Dragon balls. and just to make worse The Prince Of All Saiyans Vegeta was also there still bent on getting immortality. After being there for a bit it is obvious that Vegetas Power has Increased dramatically since his and Gokus fight on earth and he gets rid of 3 of Frieza's men and than it gets real. Frieza calls in his top men The Ginyu Force, tha includes Captain Ginyu, Burtur, Jecie, Recoome and Guldo. Vegeta easily kills Guldo but then Recoome comes forth and OWNS he nearly kills Vegeta and Krillin and Gohan. But than when things look bad the Hero Goku makes his triumphant return and slays Recoome up than he takes out Burtur too. he leaves them but Vegeta in his spite kills both of them. Jecie returns with his captain and goes to fight, as Vegeta kills him he reveals that saiyans get stronger every time they fight and that they can a huge power increase when they nearly die than he kills him. As Goku fights Captain Ginyu Ginyu realizes that he cant beat Goku so using his spiecal attack he switch's his body with goku injuring himself beforehand. so than Vegeta fights Ginyu in Gokus body and Ginyu not nowing Gokus ability's loses, and swaps back to his own body than tries to swap with Vegeta but Goku back in his own body throws a frog there instead. And so they send Goku to heal Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta wish Piccolo Back to Namek to help in the fight. While looking for the others Piccolo finds a Namekian Warrior the strongest of his people brought to near death at the hands of Frieza Nail. Nail fuses with Piccolo to fight Frieza. the fight after Piccolo arrives is going well he is beating Frieza in his second form but than Frieza transfroms once more and brings the pain. He tarnsfroms again and Vegeta says he is the one thing Frieza fears.... a super saiyan. But Vegeta gets his butt handed to him soooooo nah not a super saiyan.. yet. Goku than arrives as Vegeta reveals that it was Frieza that blew up there homeworld and killed there people. Vegeta than dies. hahaha. In the following fight Goku kind of gets owned. so he decides to use The spirit bomb but it takes 5 minutes to charge so Piccolo nearly dies to distract him and Goku throws it oh and its like only half the size of a planet big. They start to rejoce but it is short lived for Frieza gets up and kills Krillin awakening the legendary warrior inside of him the super saiyan. In the battle that ensues Frieza tries to blow up the planet but fails hundy. And Frieza cuts himself in half with his own attack. He begs Goku for energy and Goku complies and Frieza tries to kill him and Goku kills him.t
Not long after the destruction of Namek at the hands of Frieza it is reveald that Goku who is still in space after his fight didnt kill Frieza and he now comes back to Kill all of the Z fighters and Vegeta who now lives on earth with Bulma. But with Frieza and another power level around the same size it was not looking well. and just as things were looking at there worst two beings of immense power standing in front of them a youth appears out of nowhere, and starts to fight Frieza and his father Cold he turns super saiyan and kills them both. He takes the Z fighters to where Goku will be landing. After he lands the youth talks to Goku and says his name is Trunks and he was from the Future and in his time earth was taken over by two man made monstrosity's androids that dawrf even Frieza in there power. He also reveals that he is the son of Vegeta and Bulma. And Goku explains all that Trunks said the Z Fighters say good bye and go of to train because in three years the androids would arrive. 3 years and the Z Fighters go looking for the androids. The first to find them was Yamcha who the androids brushed aside easily. Piccolo, Goku,Gohan and Tien lead the androids into the desert and begin the fight in earnest. But as Goku and android 19 begin to fight Goku has a heart attack and must be carried away. As Piccolo lines up to fight 19 Vegeta arrives and ask a simple question to 19 "Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear!'' With that he turns into a super saiyan and kills 19. Than he chases after Dr. Gero the maker of the androids. After a brief fight with Piccolo Dr. Gero escapes to activate 17 18 and 16. And Dr. Gero android 20 succeeds and the than they kill him and go to take over the world. With Goku injured it is leftfor the rest of the Z Fighters to take them out. They failed miserably, only just escaping with there lives. And so Piccolo sees a new threat from the future a monster called Cell. Piccolo fuses with his counterpart Kami, and thus gains the power of a super saiyan. but as he fights Cell he gets careless and Cell escapes. Piccolo than discovers the Hyperbolic time chamber where one year of training can be completed in a day at many times earths gravity. Trunks and Vegeta train in there while Piccolo goes after the androids. For Cell to achieve his perfect form he must absorb both 17 and 18. Piccolo takes on 17 while there power is equal there stamina is a different story. As 17 looks to warp things up Cell suddenly arrives much stronger than before and tries to absorb 17 but 16 steps in and tries to stop him, after a fight where they are proven to be equals 17 thinks that 16 killed him with his ultimate attack Hells Flash. But he did not ad Cell absorbs 17 in an instant. Tien than tries to kill Cell but his ultimate attack Triple Neo Tri Beam does not work. Vegeta than arrives and transforms into Super Vegeta and owns up Cell, but due to his arrogance in his new found power that lead to him letting Cell absorb 18 and getting his Perfect form. Vegeta fights Cell and hits him with his strongest attack Final Flash and seemingly kills him. But Cell regenerates. And as Vegeta The Prince Of All Saiyans lies unconscious on the ground his son the mysterious youth from the future Trunks steps up to plate and fights Cell, he looses he just cant keep up with Cell. Cell than organizes a tournament The Cell Games. Goku comes forth and fights Cell first as a mastered super saiyan the super saiyan form at its peak. He fights Cell but realizes that he is outclassed and sends in his son Gohan to fight who achieved super saiyan in there training to fight. Cell unleashes the Cell Juniors and they slay up the Z Fighters. Cell than kills 16 and Gohan finally fulfills his true potential and Becomes s super saiyan 2. He owns Cell up in a couple of punches. Goku says to end it but Gohan says no he must suffer for the things he has done. Gohan than beats Cell to pulp beating him so hard that he knocks 18 out of him. he goes to blow him self up but Goku teleports to King Kais planet he blows up and reforms having absorbed Goku he comes back to earth far stronger than before. He fights Gohan but it is clear that he is much stronger. Than Cell decides to end it. He Kamehamehas and Gohan responds with one of his own, Goku appears and gives his power but it still not enough Vegeta gets up and with the last of his energy attacks Cell, it was enough to make Cell flinch and Gohan used all his power and destroyed Cell The Ultimate Android.
Cell saga
Buu saga
Seven years later Goku, who has been briefly revived for one day, and his allies are drawn into a fight against a magical being named Majin Buu, created by the evil wizard Bibidi and resurrected by his son, called Babidi. During in a attack on Babididis space ship Gohan who was weaker than he once was due to lack of training fights against Babidis strongest Majin The Demon King Dabura. He than sees Vegeta start to flip out at Gohan for not Being able to kill Dabura. Dabura goes to his master Babidi and tells him to turn Vegeta into a Majin and he does. it is Vegetas job to fight Goku and Kill the supreme Kai but Vegeta refuses and focuses on Goku. As he fights Goku there energy goes to Majin Buu and he breaks out of his prison, Goku and Vegeta feel this Vegeta says to work together and Goku believes this and Vegeta knocks him out when his back is turned. Vegeta fights Majin Buu and sacrifices himself to kill Buu. But after Buu just regenerates. Goku than fights Majin Buu and turns super saiyan 3. Than Buu befriends Hercule and protects him but someone jumps in and tries to kill him, Buu gets so angry that his evil side comes out and absorbs him. So he changes form into his next form Super Buu pure evil and pure rage. Vegeta and Goku's sons Trunks and Goten fuse and create Gotneks. But you can only stay in that fused form for 35 minutes.He fights Buu in the time chamber Super Buu escapes and Gotenks turns super saiyan 3, so he can break out.Than as he fights Super Buu he is easily winning he spilts back into Trunks and Goten. Than as things look to be at there worst Gohan comes his power increased dramatically since training with the Kais. He defeats Buu with ease. But he ask to fight Gotenks and Piccolo and absorbs them both, he takes out Gohan than Goku fuses with Vegeta using the Portara earings witch you stay together forever.This man is called Vegito. He owns BuuThan Buu absorbs him and they separate inside Buu. Vegeta and Goku get everyone inside of Buu. Now Super transforms back into his original form Kid Buu. Goku and Vegeta fight Kid Buu. Goku kills him with a sprit bomb. 10 years later at the world tournament Goku fights Uub Kid Buu reincarnated into a good person, than he trains him to be the planets defender.

In conclusion i say that Dragon Ball Z one of the Greatest animes ever because it is one of the things that made my childhood awesome
Vegeta standing up to Kid Buu
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