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Earths' Spheres 6th period

No description

katelynn duncan

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Earths' Spheres 6th period

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Earths' Spheres 6th period
types of spheres
Lithosphere / Geosphere
the description of spheres
Lithoshphere - is the soild, rocky crust covering entire planet .
Hydroshere- is composed of all of the water on near the earth.
Biosphere-is composedof all living organisms.
Atomosphere-is the body of air which surrounds our planet .

Sphere's scientists
biosphere = Biologist
hydrosphere =Hydrologist
atomsphere= Meterorologist
geosphere= Geologist

Scientists' tools
Occurring events
biosphere-forest fires
hydroshere-tidal waves
atmosphere- windstorms and tornadoes
geosphere- earthquakes,and volcanic eruptions
forest fire/ biosphere
wind storm /atmosphere
tidal waves/hydroshere
earth quake/geosphere
the four spheres
biologist's tool
Hydrologist 's tool
Biologist- microscope, slides, test tubes, and petri dishes
Hydrologist-water samplers, water analyzers,open stream current meter ,and logging instruments for water wells
Meterorlogist-wind sock, wind vane, thermometer, sundail, and rain gauge
Geologist- basic mineral test kit, hand lenses and micropes, Moh's hardness scale, gold pan

meterorlogist 's tool
geologist's tool
Katelynn Duncan
Danyelle Cates
Zach Selby

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