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Delay of Gratification

No description

katlyn first

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of Delay of Gratification

Delay of Gratification
Ability to resist temptation for an immediate reward, with a better reward at the end if temptation is resisted.

-To what extent are people willing to wait for a better reward, rather than the immediate reward?

* Case Study- Marshmallow test

-Importance of resistance: - self control
- how kids control their senses in this situations
(emotions, wants/desires, goals)

Marshmallow Test

Walter Mischel- researcher of marshmallow test
*Sat preschool kids down, put a marshmallow in front of them
*Left them alone for 15 minutes
*If kids didn't eat it, they'd get another marshmallow when researcher came back

-How good is the kid's self control? Willpower?
Those who didn't eat marshmallow, had better self control throughout life..

Some children learned to distract themselves with songs or games
Self control is linked to better life achievements such as
*better grades/test scores
*"social butterfly"
*higher end salaries
*lower BMI
*less drug and alcohol in future

control exerted to do something or restrain impulses

Willpower is linked to..
* self control
* Involves the child's sensations, feelings, and actions
*the child's goal of wanting to resists or not
*Many studies
*Higher self control and willpower are linked with higher intelligence

Would you rather...

Get $50,000 in one year or wait 5 more years and receive 1 million dollars?
Would you rather..

Buy the camera now or wait a couple more months to get more money and buy the better camera?
The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills
There are several subcategories of intelligence one of them being temptations and delay of gratification
By Alex Witzig and Katlyn First
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