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Priorities for ELT Launch

No description

Macy Parker

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Priorities for ELT Launch

Constructing ELT! Launch Priorities
Family Engagement
Goal: ALL families informed and invested before Day 1
Student Engagement
Goal: All students informed and invested before Day 1
Teacher Engagement
Goal: Teachers share rationale for program with students and families.
On Day One
Students know where to go

Staff know where to go and have rehearsed the whole day

Administrators and Teachers help message the "why" to students and families

Families see a safe, orderly dismissal and have an opportunity to get questions answered
* "My child's school has made an exciting opportunity available for us. I feel pleased that my child will get to participate in an extended school day, and I understand where to pick her up, what she'll be doing, and who will be making sure she is safe."
Phone Calls
Planning (or Co-Planning with school) Welcome Events
Day One Family Lead identified, family Q&A space and resources available beginning at previous dismissal time
* "Being a 6th grader at this school means participating in an extended learning day. I stay at school later because my school wants me to have all of the opportunities I deserve, and because this is a school where we work harder and get smarter.
I know where to go, who my teachers will be, and what is expected of me here."
Actions: Family Engagement,
Staff rehearsals for Day one and week one include answering students' "Why?" questions
* "We are all excited about the opportunities that our new expanded learning day will provide to students. All students are staying later to get more support and more opportunity for college and career connections. Our new colleagues are part of one school team supporting our students."
Teacher info sheet on program and CS staff, include answers to "why?"
Teacher welcome event with paired meetings for room share partners
Clean room checklist in effect on day one
First opportunity to check-in on academic alignment scheduled
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