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Apollo 13



on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Apollo 13

By Patsy Islam-Parsons What was the Apollo 13 mission? Book review 172 hours on the moon My IRT journey Journal entries My ceramic astronaut My artwork Factual text My dad was on Apollo 18 My Narrative Will YOU be the one out of people who survive Apollo 13?! You have a 1 in 10 chance of survival! Where I found my info Bibliography Book review Fine Arts Journal entries Factual text Narrative Survive or Die?! Bibliography for my related novel I read '172 hours on the moon' by Johan Harstad. '172 hours on the moon' is about 3 teenagers who get the amazing opportunity to go to the moon with trained astronauts from NASA. The teenagers think that all is going well until they discover a higher intelligence on the moon that has created 'Döppelgängers' which are on a mission to kill them. That is when everything turns down........ UPSIDE For my narrative I wrote a story about a family who's dad goes on the Apollo 18 mission to moon. They worry about him as well as feeling excited for him, however the main question is, does he make it back home safely?..... journal entry journal entry journal entry What was the Apollo 13 mission? Thankyou for watching! Distance from Earth The timing of the explosion is critical. If it had happened any earlier, the spacecraft wouldn't have had enough fuel to make it back to Earth. Any later, and Jim Lovell and Fred Haise would have been stranded on the Lunar surface and Jack Swigert stuck on the far side of the moon. If you are 300 and 21 thousand, 8 hundred and 60 kilometres from Earth please stay standing. If not, sorry but you have been left to colonise the moon. Please sit down. Would the Hatch close? You attempt to close the hatch between the Command and Lunar Modules in order to stop the Command Module decompressurising. This proves to be unnecessary as the spacecraft does not lose pressure, however closing it wastes your remaining 15 precious minutes. If you have not succeed in closing the hatch, please remain standing. If you have closed the hatch, it is the last move you will ever make. Please sit down. Are you sure that you learnt your times tables? You have a slide rule, a pencil and paper to get all the guidance parameters from the Command Module to the Lunar Module. This is pretty tough maths! If you've got it right, good work. You must have learnt your times tables. If you got it wrong, you are lost in space forever. This is hardly the time to decide that seven fives are forty one. Please sit down. Which oxygen tank? You hear a An oxygen tank has exploded. But is it tank no. 1, the inside tank, or tank no. 2, the outside tank? If tank no. 1 has blown up, your spacecraft has exploded into a thousand pieces. Sorry, you are dead and will never see Earth again. Please sit down. If oxygen tank no. 2 has exploded, your space craft has been crippled, however it remains intact and you are still alive! BANG! Can you preserve enough energy? You have to shut down everything apart from the absolute basics so that you will have enough energy to make it back to Earth. If you are freezing, dying of thirst and have to go to the toilet in a plastic bag stored in the spacecraft you survive. Please stay standing. If you are resonably comfortable you are wasting valuable energy. You will not have enough energy to make it back home. If you thought sitting in a soggy space suit was uncomfortable, imagine how uncomfortable you will be on Saturn. Please sit down. BANG! Hello and Welcome to my IRT presentation. Today you will learn all about the NASA moon program and particularly the Apollo 13 mission. I hope you enjoy. I found a website where you can e- mail Jim Lovell. I am going to e-mail him and ask him what he thinks was the most important thing that saved Apollo 13. I am really looking forward to seeing his response. My novel, '172 hours on the moon' is getting better and better! It is soo much fun to read. Today is the last day of G and T camp. When my mum picked Yaz, Lara and I up she told me that Captain Jim Lovell had e- mailed me back!! He gave me 4 pages of questions and answers. I couldn't believe it because I had basically decided that he wasn't going to reply and then he did. I am soo happy!! 25/7/12 31/8/12 ANY QUESTIONS? A wee problem! Now that the spacecraft is crippled you have to stop dumping your waste overboard. If you continue to do so the spacecraft will veer to one side and go off course. You can't fire up the engine so this will become a huge problem. If you just can't stand it, sorry, you will never get to use a flush toilet again. Please sit down. The lunar module was only designed for two people, but now you three are all piled in together. The carbon dioxide levels are getting higher and higher but the filter from the Command Module is square whilst the outlet in the Lunar Module is round. NASA inform you that you’ll need Gaffa Tape and a sock! If you’ve got those two items you can successfully fix the filter. If you’ve got pyjamas put them on and get ready for a long sleep. Please sit down. Duct tape and a sock! As you’ve had to save energy by turning off the guidance system, you have to guide the ship manually back to Earth. You have to use the Earth’s terminator to put the spacecraft back on course. If you can see Earth’s terminator and line the spacecraft correctly, please stay standing. But If you see Mars’s terminator, your terminated, please sit down. Terminator or Terminated? Now, finally you are coming towards the Earth’s atmosphere. You have a 50/ 50 chance. If you come in too steep you blow up and if you come in too shallow you will bounce off and get lost in space. If you came in right in the middle, not too steep but not too shallow, amazing work, you survive! Sorry, if you came in too shallow you bounce off. Maybe you will be the first man on Pluto? Bounce, Burn or Survive? President Kennedy said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organise and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.”

I believe that the rescue of the Apollo 13 astronauts achieved all of those things. The astronauts and the NASA crew worked tremendously hard, they used the best of their energies and skills and right from the start, “failure was not an option.” I am almost finished IRT! All I have to do is paint my black box for the background of my fine arts and practice my presentation. I am feeling a little nervous but I am also happy with how I am going. I just hope that I have everything ready by my presentation day. Fingers crossed! The other day Sooty jumped into my wet black box. He had to have a bath to wash off all the paint! 10/9/12 The freedom medal
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