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Celeste Resendez

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Assyrians

They used Barley, Lead(mainly used), Copper, Bronze, Tin, Silver, Gold, and Tools

The time frame in which Assyria existed was from 2500 BC to 605 BC.
What Time Period Assyria Exist?
The Type Of Government
Where and Why They Settle
Complication On Geographic
How Did They Become A Civilization
Law System
The place where they settled is located in modern day Northern Iran, and Southern Turkey.
They settled here because the rivers provided nutrients to the soil, and irrigation for their water needs.

Some parts of the Assyrian land did not get the needed amounts of rainfall. Irrigation was used for the fields in these places.
Assyria Economic System
Social Structure
The Beliefs Of Assyrians
What Cause The Civilization To Collapse
Achievements of Assyria
There Social structure was base on hierarchy. As we can see in the image the people with more power had a higher rank and were more respected.
Works Cited
Most of their laws dealt with personal property, land property, and women and families.
The laws that they enforced show a society that is harsh and strict. These laws met their needs by showing the things they valued like honesty, and hierarchy.
Government Function
Form of Govenment
there Govenment is formed by monoarchy and theoarchy.
Assyria was apart of Babylon. It emerged as an independent state in the 14th century B.C. It then became a major power in Mesopotamia, Aremenia
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Excerpts from the Code of the Assyrians

I.2. If a woman, whether the wife of a man or the daughter of a man, utter vulgarity or indulge in low talk , that woman bears her own sin; against her husband, her sons, or her daughter they shall have no claim.

I.7. If a woman bring her hand against a man, they shall prosecute her; 30 manas of lead shall she pay, 20 blows shall they inflict on her.

I.58. Unless it is forbidden in the tablets, a man may strike his wife, pull her hair, her ear he may bruise or pierce. He commits no misdeed thereby.

What were the racial composition?
There racial compostion was homajenist(everyone looked alike) meaning they were in the same race ,and no racism was to be shown.
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Throughout their history, the Assyrians practiced two major religions: Ashurism and Christianity.
The Assyrians are famous for their cruelty and fighting prowess. They were also great monumental builders. Some of the acheivments are paved roads, postal system, magnifying glass, electric battery, plumbing (with flush toilet), the first use of iron, the first chariots, the first aqueduct (which was in use until 1996 A.D.), the first library, the first system of musical notation.

Ashurism was the first religion of Assyrians. Coming from the God Asshur, who was believed to be the king of all gods. Ashurism is a polytheistic religion.
Assyria was destroyed Between 612-609 by Chaldean-Median coalition. The reason to this is because their empire was weakend by many wars.

Slavery in Assyria
There were different kinds of slavery. some of which came from people who were in debt became slaves also those who were captured in war. slaves were considered to be the lowest of the social structure. slaves were most common in wealthy families and in temples. There could be benifits to hard working slaves,but harsh punishment for rebelion slaves.

The Assyrians Govenment was functioned by millitary power and finance. They took a lot of intrest into making their army powerful. By doing so they had reach up about 50,000 soldiers, this was a great way defend themselves. Their finance was based on trading.
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