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Stephanie Schnars

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Sweden

The yellow on the flag
represents generosity.
Truth, loyalty, and justice
is what the blue stands for.
The cross is the religious history of
the nation which is Christianity
By: Stephanie

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.(2)
If you look to the east, you can see the Baltic Sea.(2)
Stockholm's spreads over 14
islands in Lake Malaren.(2)
s flag
The cross represents the religious history
of the nation which is Christianity.(1)
Truth, loyalty, and justice is
what the blue stands for. (1)
The yellow represents
generosity. (1)
Government type
The government type of Sweden
is parliamentary democracy.(5)
Sweden's population
There are about 9,476,770
people that live in Sweden.(4))
Sweden is located on
the continent of Europe.(3)
Tourist Attractions
The Royal Palace
It's the King's official residence and a setting
for most of the monarchy's parties.(8)
The King and Queen work there and for various departments that make the Royal Court.(8)
The Royal Court is made in baroque
style by Nicodemus Tessin.(8)
It has more then six hundred
rooms over seven floors.(8)
The state government faces the city and the smaller living room faces the inner courtyard.(8)
Boxing Day
It's celebrated on December 26.(6)
Celebrated in many countries with Christian population.(6)
People open the Christmas
box and share with the poor.(6)
Families watch sports,play games and play outside.(6)
Most stores open to start
the sales for New Year.(6)
May Day
Celebrated every year
on the 1st of May.(7)
In 1889, it was determined it should be the Day off all the workers in the world.(7)
Ice Hotel
It was built in 1980s, 120 miles
north of the Arctic Circle.(9)
The ice hotel is located in northern
Sweden in a town of Jukkasjarvi.(9)
Every winter the ice hotel is
built entirely out of ice.(9)
In the coldest months of the year,
people are aloud to stay there.(9)
They gather the blocks
from the Torne River.(9)
The hotel has a different
design every year.(9)
It spreads over about
53,700 feet.(9)
There's more than 4,000 tons of ice to make the igloo shape.(9)
iron ore(11)
Natural Resources
milder than most other regions in the

north. It's influenced by the Golf Stream that flows off of Norway's west coast.(12)
cold winters and sunny, mild
summers. Not enough precipitation than it could
because of the mountains between Norway and Sweden. It doesn't get higher than 20 degrees Celsius in July and in January doesn't get lower than -12 degrees Celsius.(13)
Land Use:
Sweden's land use is 5.93%.(14)
It's also an international day.(7)
Northern Lights
The cross the Arctic skies
in Swedish Lapland.(10)
Swedish Lapland is in the
northwestern corner of Sweden.(10)
Charged particles discharged by the sun reach Earth's atmosphere on solar winds and then collide with gaseous particles.(10)
Different gases create different colors
usually pale, light
Begins in the beginning of
September to the end of March.(10)
History Timeline
1914- World War 1 started and
Sweden isn't helping at all.(15)

1959- Sweden becomes a member
of the European Free Trade
Association (EFTA).(15)

March 2012- Minister Sten Tolgfors leaves
after keeping a secret to build a weapons
plant is Saudi Arabia.(15)
Scientific Timeline
1913-The zipper was invented by Gideon
Sundback. It's still use today, based on
interlocking teeth. It was first called the
hookless fastener and later it was redesigned
to become more reliable.(16)
1951- Erik Walled and his team created the tetra-Pak. It helped with packaging, storing, and distributing liquids. It spreads to fridges all over the world.(16)
1958- The pacemaker was invented by Rune Elmqvist. It lasted for a couple hours for adjustment. Arne Larsson, the patient survived the test but in 2001 Arne died. (16)
Hedda Hjortsburg- She was born on June 15, 1777. She was remembered for her performances with the Royal Swedish Ballet.
She died on Oct. 3, 1867 (at age 90).(17)
Louis Deland- He was born on April 25, 1772. He was a ballet dancer, choreographer and singer. He was one of the first native male stars who was in the Royal Swedish Ballet. He was born to Louise Deland, who was a hairdresser for Queen Sophia Magdalena of Denmark. Married twice to Carolina Kuhlman and then Maria Rebecka Rudberg. A disease made him lose his memory and his ability to dance that ended his career at 40. He died on April 15, 1823 (at age 50).(17)
Anders Selinder- He was born on Nov. 4, 1806. 1833-1856, he was famous for being the master for the Royal Swedish Ballet. Also, he was a ballet choreographer and a dancer. At the Royal Swedish Opera in 1829, Anders was hired for a principal before he was a ballet master when he was 27. He died on Nov. 6, 1876 (at age 68).(17)
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