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Aerospace Engineering

No description

Jamey Jacob

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of Aerospace Engineering

Engineering the Future from the Sky to the Stars Starting and Mid-Career Salaries for the
Top 10 Undergraduate Degrees (by $) Oklahoma's Aviation History
Aerospace in Oklahoma Today
Careers in Aerospace Engineering
Oklahoma's Aerospace Future History State of Aerospace in Oklahoma Today The Future of Aerospace in Oklahoma is Bright Oklahoma has a rich and well known
history in aviation First Flight in 1910 in OKC Will Rogers and Wiley Poster - Last Known Photo Wiley Post and Russell S. Colley, B.F. Goodrich engineer, testing the Post designed high altitude pressure suite in 1934, precursor to modern space suits. He reached a maximum altitude of 50,000 feet, eventually discovering the jet stream in one of his flights. Acknowledgements
Jack Snoddy
Curtis Vickery
Sheri Penner
Kelly Duke
Oklahom Aerospace Alliance, OK Department of Commerce, OK Aeronautics Commission
Hundreds of Students Some of
Oklahoma's Unique Aviation Assets B-29s in Tornado Alley in 1948 - Tinker served as a major depot and manufacturing plant during the war and retained this postition during the post-war period, surviving both tornados and BRAC. General Clarence Tinker of Pawhuska - Supreme Commander of the US Army Air Corps in the Pacific during WWII. The only Native American general during WWII and the first American general to die during the war. He was killed in action near Midway in 1942. The newly opened OKC Air Depot was renamed Tinker field in his honor. Sheet metal mechanic Edith Clemons attacks corrosion on an E-3 Sentry undergoing depot maintenance at Tinker Air Force Base. The areas where three satellite communications antennas attach to the aircraft are always inspected for corrosion. (Tinker Air Force Base photos by Margo Wright) Gordon "Gordo" Cooper
Aerospace engineer & test pilot
Mercury 7 Astronaut, logging more hours than all previous US astronauts combined was last US astronaut to fly solo in space Apollo 10 Astronauts Eugene Cernan, Thomas Stafford and John Young General Thomas Stafford
Flight instructor & test pilot
One of only 12 people to walk on the moon
Holds absolute speed record; the Apollo 10 crew reached a speed of 24,790 MPH or 6.9 miles per second during their return from the Moon. Owen Garriot
Electrical Engineer
Aboard Skylab, set a new space endurance record John Herrington
Mathematician and test pilot
First Native American to fly into space Shannon Lucid
Bethany (born in China to missionary parents)
Flew in space 5 times, including Mir, and once held record for longest spaceflight by US astronaut, male or female William Pogue
Mathematician, educator and test pilot
Slated for Apollo 19, instead piloted Skylab 4, spending over 84 days in space including two EVAs working on the orbital telescope The Midwest City Douglas Aircraft Company Plant produced 5,354 C-47s from March 1943 until August 1945 at a maximum rate of 13 aircraft per day. Oklahoma's history in space is less well known, but is focused on the people that make it happen Where do we go from here? The Future of Flight Tinker Air Force Base - Largest OK Employer Behind the State of Oklahoma Largest Military MRO Facility in the World FAA Logistic Center supports the NAS in the US and 44 different countries, including war zones; FAA Academy trains all air traffic controllers; CAMI responsible for aviation medical certificiation American Airlines has the largest commerical MRO facility in the world in Tulsa, OK Largest OK Employers
1. State of Oklahoma
2. Wal-Mart
3. Tinker AFB (OKC)
4. Ft. Sill (Lawton)
5. US Post Office
6. OU
7. OSU
8. American Airlines Maintence Engineering Ctr (Tulsa)
21. Altus AFB (Altus)
22. FAA (OKC)
42. Vance AFB (Enid)
59. NORDAM (Tulsa)
69. Spirit Aerosystems (Tulsa) FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center - Home to the largest group of USDOT personnel outside of DC More than 13,000 Raven UAVs have been built and delivered in less than 10 years In 2010, the USAF trained more RPV pilots than manned figher pilots - this was the first time this happened, but the transition is expected to accelerate UAS Option Your Future Pilots Your Future Fighters Any aircraft with people on board or mission critical deliverables will be manned (at least for the foreseeable future), but unmanned vehicles will fill many of the roles that manned aircraft see today. The Future of Flight is Unmanned The Future is Already Here What Are We Doing To Prepare? Careers in Aerospace Oklahoma is one of the top six global hubs for maintenance, repair and overhaul services (MRO), with the aerospace industry directly responsible for over 72,000 Oklahoma jobs. USA Today Over 300 OK companies in the aerospace industry representing all segments -- business, general, commercial, military, and space (143,000 jobs, direct and indirect).
$4.7 billion in payroll
One of every 10 workers in Oklahoma owes his or her job, either directly or indirectly to aviation and aerospace.
Nationally, the U.S. aerospace industry is one of the largest industrial sectors, posting the highest trade balance of all industrial categories. Careers include all branches of engineering, including but not limited to aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, etc., and all branches of science and mathematics: chemsitry, mathemematics, physics, etc.
The number one professional employee at most major aerospace firms are mechanical engineers, followed closely by electrical and computer engineers Oklahoma has produced more astronauts per capita than any other state in the US XHab Engineering the Future
(the Aerospace Way) Some Simple Rules 1. Have fun and enjoy what you do. 2. Expect failure. 4. Test as you fly, fly as you test. 3. Design for success and keep trying until you succeed. - Offered at the MS/PhD level with resulting in a degree in MAE with official option in UAS; required courses in
UAV Analysis & Design
UAV Propulsion
Communications, Telemetry, Autopilot and ISR Payloads
Systems Engineering
FAA Law & Certification
- Requires a research topic that includes flight testing
- Started in Jan. 2011 "Oklahoma is one of those places you have to come from to think it's beautiful." "We don't know what we're going to do." USA Today
More Californians reverse course and head to Oklahoma
So much for the sky
- what about the stars?
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