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Building an Army

No description

Alexis Taylor

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Building an Army

BUILDING AN ARMY !! WOMEN JOIN THE ARMY !!! More than 60,000 men were enlisted in the month.
Soldiers took a basic training for eight weeks.
Such as how to hold weapons,load backpacks, read maps, pitch tents, and dig tranches.
Many Soldiers lived in tents rather than barracks. On December 7,1941 Japanese attack the Americans Naval Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
By there being so many recruitments the training facilities was getting overfull.
The new people would go to a center to get injections so they couldn't get smallpox or typhoid.
They all had to wear uniforms, boots, and other things they was told to wear.
American men were called GIs meaning "Government Issues" 'Your in the army now" Veterans must have 6months domicile in Massachusetts immediately prior to entry into the armed forces. Requirements Segregation For African Americans Congress allowed women to join the army in
May of 1942, with the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps.
At the beginning they didn't allow women to be in combat.
Most women wanted to be in the regular army with the men not the auxiliary corps.
After awhile the Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) Began. Building An Army Life In The Army 11,200,000 served in the U.S Army.
4,200,000 served in the Navy.
660,000 were in the marines.
Life of the army ground forces were grouped into two areas, divisional forces and non divisional forces.
Non-Divisional forces included service units and same additional combat troops not initially assigned to a division.
Army men that had been corps of engineers, quaterment corps, medical corps, signal corps, chemical warfare service, ordinance department military police.
There was a black out that begin two days before the war. The blackout was about covering the window at night for the German won't fire their target. At the beginning of the U.S Military it was segregated.
African Americans and whites didn't train with one another.
They had different latrines, messhalls, barracks, and recreational facilities.
African Americans and whites also had separate units from eachother.
African Americans had a white commander.
Most leaders wanted African Americans to not be in combat, but to work in construction and supply units.
Some African Americans didn't want to go to war, but others believed they should fight for their country.
In 1941, African Americans had their 1st airforce unit called Tuskegee Airmen.
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