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Laurent Clerc

By Jocelyn Rodriguez, Samantha Usrey, and Joshua Miller.

Jocelyn Rodriguez

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Laurent Clerc

Laurent Clerc By Jocelyn, Samantha, Joshua Co-founded the first deaf school in North America with Thomas Gallaudet. He brought his French Sign language to teach to Americans; as a result, the alphabet in America is similar to the French alphabet. Without Laurent Clerc, the deaf community of America would not have a deaf school and would have less recognition from the hearing community as a culture. 10 Signs to Learn Laurent Clerc(Name Sign)
Retired General 1. Born December 26, 1785
2. Died July 18, 1869
3. Co-found the first school for the deaf in North America. The Life of Laurent Clerc Contribution to the Deaf Culture Sketches 10 Signs to Learn cont... French
Influence 1785 1869 1817 Clerc was born December 26
in France. Gallaudet was started as an asylum school for the deaf and dumb. On July 18, 1869, Clerc died as an old man; he was 83 years old. ........................................... Known as "The Apostle of the Deaf in America" Fun Facts 1815 Clerc traveled to England, where he met Thomas Gallaudet. His full name is Louis Laurent Marie Clerc. When he was a child, Laurent fell into the kitchen fireplace from a high chair. His right cheek was severely burned, a fever developed, and later it was discovered that his senses of hearing and smell were damaged. 1816 Laurent Clerc traveled to America on June 18th and arrived August 22. 1819 Laurent Clerc married Eliza Crocker Boardman on May 3rd. Thanks Clerc! (: 10 Signs to Learn cont.... Found (Establish)
Injury(Face) 1858 Laurent Clerc retired from teaching at the age of 73.
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