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Capstone Proposal

No description

Ben Smith

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Capstone Proposal

The Project
Uses/develops/examines Music Technology at a fundamental level
3 Projects
With 3 People
How does it use/relate to Music Technology?
What will you Learn?
Google. Has it been done before?
Capstone Proposal – Formulation
Is something you can do
Is something fun!
Write them down.
Any idea is a good one.
Use ideas from others.
What is cool/unique about it?
(What would make it cooler?)
Find related things.
Put everything useful that you find into a document (a list of URLs).
(Proposal due in class 11/18, to Dr. Drews 12/1)
Has a "creative" aspect
What Tech?
Make a COMPREHENSIVE list of the technology your project will use.
Be stupid.
To show the scope, feasibility, and cost
How does this change your project?
How can you make it cooler?
Any changes to technology?
They can be answered.
Keep a scratch list:
They are good.
Any questions answered?
(the coffee maker?)
What don't you know now?
List more questions!
How things work.
The ability to do things.
Numbers, dates, specifications...
"I will be able to do ___ "
"I will know ___ "
How to do things.
"I will learn how to ___ "
"I will learn how ___ "
More important to know what you don't know
than to pretend you know.
Show this is a worthy investment of your time, energy, and money!
Learn something no one really knows?
Big things, little things
(size doesn't matter)
How will your project be using, developing, or examining music technology?
Briefly cite 1 to 3 research projects, publications, or products addressing similar topics, or from which you draw inspiration for your own project, and how your investigation still remains a unique undertaking.

What music technologies will you be using, developing, or examining? (Be specific and comprehensive)
Finish the Capstone Project Description and turn in on presentation day
Give a concise presentation of your capstone project in class
Project Description
What equipment (including software and other resources) will be required to complete this project? (Be specific and thorough.)
Of these items, what will you need to purchase, borrow, or otherwise acquire to complete the project?
If you will be purchasing items detail their cost and the total cost for you to complete the project.
How will you be using, developing, or examining these specific elements and technology? (Answer completely)
What do you anticipate learning in the process of completing this project?
What will you be creating that is novel and unique in this project?
What are the products or artifacts of your work that you will have at the completion of the project?
What will the impact of your project be?
Answer the questions!
What tasks/actions will you do?
1. make a list
2. order the list
Any dependencies?
guess at durations
Any in parallel?
be excessively detailed
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