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The Value of IWBs, Netbooks & iPads

Investigating current "21st Century Classroom" spaces & future options for digital technologies to enhance learning.

Brad Wilson

on 9 August 2011

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Transcript of The Value of IWBs, Netbooks & iPads

Value of IWBs vs other Digital Technologies What tool has the biggest positive impact on learning? Interactive White Boards Teacher-led
Whole group
One/a few students interact
Static Visual Aids/Movies
Curriculum materials
Lesson database online
Websites All tools have different value (pluses vs minuses)
All tools have different costs, performance & durability
All tools have different training, support & implementation needs Netbooks/Laptops Individual/Partnerships
Portable Internet/Curriculum Sites
Web-based projects & communication
Multi-media creation, consumption
Web tools: free vs paid All teachers are different
All students are different
Curriculum needs differ All students deserve an engaging 21st Century education Tablets Individual/Parnerships
Ultra Portable
Fast & Stable
No Keyboard/Mouse Thousands of Apps
Generally specific to a task, skill, or subject
Media consumtion & creation
Creativity & personalization encouraged
Free vs paid Apps
iTunesU/Curricular content
Textbook replacement?
Not all websites work Student Survey
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