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Social Studies Project

No description

mustafa El Ghandour

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Studies Project

In this project, I will explain the inventions that the Sumerians invented and how they are used now. Sit back in your seat because you are about to go back in the past! What Are the Inventions that the Sumerians Invented? The wheel is a very popular tool that almost every single human uses. A wheel is a circle made up of metal, wood, or rubber with air consumed it (the tire). As a wheel moves, it reduces friction (the force that makes stuff stop. Ex: If I throw my pencil case on the floor it will move then stop), which is why when you press on the accelerator the car will grip the ground and move, and when you leave the accelerator the car slows down. The Sumerians used wheels to make a plow, while Ancient Egyptians used them to make chariots. The wheel is modernly used in cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, etc... Wheels are also used in kids' toys (remote control cars, pull back cars, remote control airplanes, etc... Wheels are used in many other things too. The Wheel
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