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The Power of the Vote

Democracy within the Athletic Union


on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of The Power of the Vote

The University of Derby Students' Union convenes five 'Zones' throughout the year in order to increase the opportunity for every student to be involved in the democratic process and to have their say in the governance of the Students’ Union as a whole
The Students' Union Zones
Mock Election
Mock Policy
Example of Democracy failing
The power of the vote
Democracy within the Athletic Union
Why is it important?
The Athletic Union Constitution
Each Zone has a specific responsibility and an elected Officer Trustee to oversee it. Each and every Zone is held and run differently, though they all have the same aim: to allow any student an open forum to give their input and views into the Students’ Union and discuss any matters they feel are relevant to the Zone's remit.
What is the sport zone?
Sports Clubs
AU Members
AU President
Part-time Officers
Any Student
Advisory Board
Zone Meeting
AU Exec
Quiz time...
What is an AGM?
What is an EGM?
Why do we hold these?
What happens if you don't hold one?
AGM 2014
Must have a full agenda...
Individual reports from all committee members
Financial report (Treasurer or President)
Welcome and apologies
Minutes from previous AGM
Annual report (President or Secretary)
Election of new committee
Q&A & speeches
Motions to be put forward to AGM
e.g. constitutional amendments
Any other business
Closing remarks
There must be an appropriate and fair nomination system
Voting must be 100% democratic
Position: President
Perfect when there are multiple candidates
Okay for single candidates, but not ideal
What happens if someone wants to resign?
Firstly, this is absolutely fine and everyone has the right to step down for whichever reason they feel is applies to them.
Committee member should speak to the Club President or AU President/Staff.
If the issues can't be resolved, a formal letter of resignation should be submitted to the Athletic Union.
Club President should then call an
eeting at an appropriate time and date for members (and AU) to attend.
Make members aware of the position/s up for nomination.
Elect a new committee member democratically and inform the AU of the successful candidate.
Students' Union Democracy
The Constitution
A constitution sets out what a membership organisation does and what it should provide.

Club constitution
This gives committees a guideline on how the club should function. It is like a 'playbook' for the club to follow.
Athletic Union constitution
This is the overarching guidelines for the whole AU. All members must abide by the constitution, and the AU President must adhere to the regulations set out.
Students' Union constitution
This document supersedes both AU and club constitution which means changes to the AU constitution can be made via Union Council and SU AGM. Any change to the Constitution must go through either two Union Councils or one AGM.

Club constitution
we must behave
You must behave
AU constitution
SU constitution
everyone must behave
The standing orders are the rules and regulations of how the Students' Union functions

Think of it like this...
The constitution is
what we do
The standing orders are
how we do

what we do
The Standing Orders
AGM's and EGM's
The Sport Zone (is the best)
Can you name the zones?
2.5.Each Athletic Union Club must specify two signatories for their accounts.
These must be:
2.5.1.The Athletic Union Club President,
2.5.2.The Athletic Union Club Treasurer.
Standing Order 20
1.1. The Athletic Union Finances shall only be used to further the status and
objectives of the Athletic Union as defined in this Constitution and the Union
The AU Constitution - Reg. 13
Democratic Opportunities
Union Council and SU AGM
Submit and debate policy to change the standing orders and constitution.
In other words...change how we do what we do
Hold your Officer Trustees to account!
If your Officers haven't done what they promised, challenge them!
Elections 2014
Take the opportunity to run as a candidate and be elected as an Officer Trustee or a Part-Time Officer
You can make a difference yourself!
Union Councils x 2 and AGM x 1 each year
Fun Activity Time!!
Groups 1, 4 and 7
Groups 2, 5 and 8
Groups 3, 6 and 9
10 minutes to rehearse
One group from each category will be picked at random to perform
How Democracy Has Changed The Sport Zone...
Facility Improvements
The power of the vote
Democracy within the Athletic Union
Why is it important?
"It does exist." - Mark Farthing, 2013
Positions up for grabs!
Students' Union By-Elections 2013 - 7th - 11th October 2013
How to write policy...
Nominations will open Friday 27th September and close Thursday 3rd October.

Black Students Officer
Disabled Students Officer
LGBT Students Officer (Open Place)
LGBT Students Officer (Women’s Place)
Women’s Officer
Buxton Chair

Ethics & Environmental Officer

Further Education Officer

Further Education Sports Officer

Postgraduate Students Officer

Mature Students Officer

Student Parent Officer

Societies Officer

Kedleston Road Representative

Chesterfield Representative

Britannia Mill Representative

Derby Corporate Representative

Markeaton Street Representative

Derby Theatre Representative

Buxton Events Representative

Buxton Societies Representative

Buxton Student Rights Representative

All halls rep positions are vacant
Give it a title - be creative
Which zone does it belong to
Who are you?
Who are your mates?
Who are your fans?
Summarise what your policy is all about
Use this section to outline the policy. Use bullet points to provide a breakdown of the relevant facts to this policy motion
Use this section to outline the stance that the Union should take on the situation
Use this section to outline that actions that the Union needs to take to bring about the proposal
This template can be found on www.udsu.co.uk/democracy
Buxton Facilities
Floodlights on the rugby pitch
Water fountain outside sports hall
Lobbying the University...
Changes to AU structure...
Part time officer positions
Inclusive Sports Officer - 2012/13
FE Sports Officer - 2011/12
RHL officer name change - 2011/12
Sports officer - 2009/10
Flexible learning
No lectures on Weds afternoons
Initiations to welcome parties
Even the Athletic Union itself was created as a result of student policy!
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