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Friedrich Frobel

No description

Kyla Rhone

on 6 November 2017

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Transcript of Friedrich Frobel

Famous Quotes
Family Time
Friedrich Wilhelm Frobel was born April , 1782. He was the fifth child born in the family. Frobel lost his mother before he turned a year old. He was raised by his fathe who did not spend enoigh time with him and his two siblings. Frobel spent the majority of his time as a young boy in the gardens around his home. Soon after he developed the love for nature which play a huge influence on his future accomplishments.
Effects on Classrooms Today
Free Self-Activity
Motor Expression
Children learn through play
Chidren Develop at Different Times

Who is Friedrich Frobel
Friedrich Frobel was a German Educator who discovered kindergarten and one of the most powerful educational reformersof the 19th century.
Beliefs and Contributions to Education
Frobel was a sincerely religious man who because of his belief in the underlying unity of all things tended towards idolist and has been called a nature mystic. His most important contribution to educational theory was his belief in "self-activity" and play essential factors in child education. Frobel developed kindergarten system that focused on play with use of play materials and activities.
Educational Theorist
Friedrich Frobel

Friedrich Frobel
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