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minecraft mobs

No description

christian saade

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of minecraft mobs

by benjamin and christian
Minecraft Mobs
You know all the minecraft mobs. But there are three more minecraft mobs.
A creeper is a green mob that blows up when you walk near it. You will know if a creeper will blow up by its hissing before blowing up.
Zombies are mobs that can burn in light. If you are in hardcore mode it can break through wooden doors, they also can wear armor and hold tools which are on the ground.
The spider is a hardcore mob that attacks at night but in day they don't attack. The spider can climb up anything accept glass it can jump off walls and start to attack.They attack you by jumping at you.
The skeleton has a bow that shoots arrows at you. The skeleton is hard to defeat. There is a rear chance that a skeleton would hold a enchanted bow but they don't drop it.
Iron Golem
The Iron Golem is a golem that protects villagers if they are being attacked they can also be stacked on snow golems. The iron golem drops iron ingots if you kill it.
the Enderman is a 3 block tall mob that teleport. If you look in its eyes its mouth will drop and teleport behind you and kill you. sometimes it can pick up blocks.
Cave Spider
The cave spider is exactly like a spider but smaller, green and can poison you. You can find cave spiders in caves.
The sheep is a mob witch give you wool. the sheep is pretty useless when the sheep gives you wool you can make a bed to sleep all night long. You can dye a sheep any colour.

Snow Golem
The snow golem is a little creature. When the snow golem walks it leaves a trail of snow.
The pig is a usefull mob that gives you porkchop. The pig is pretty dumb because I saw a pig on a tree and it could't get down. Pig will only eat carrots.
the village is a person with a long nose. the villager have 4 or 3 trades. sometimes they want emeralds all other stuff that you have. the villager got its name because they live in a villager. in each villager there is a rare chance that they will have a blacksmith.
The chicken is a small mob witch can stop it shef from falling down. The chicken can die easily by hitting it to times.
The slime is a cute little creature that jumps up and down. The slime can't take a shap of other animal. The slime is one of the mob that can multplie.
The gas is one of the largest mob in the game. When the gas sees you the gas open its eyes wide and open its mouth and soot a fire ball at you. You can only find them in the nether.
The dog helps you to kill mobs and players. To get a dog you need to find a wolf and give it bones. If you hit a wolf its eyes would go red and follow you or try to kill you.
The cat can scare away creepers. to get a cat you need to stay very still and wait untill a ocelot sees you. One of my favourtie youtubes has a cat and called it mittens.
the witch is one of the mobs that lives in a hut. when you walk in one you don't see the witch. the witch ony comes out at night and they can thorw potions at you. the witch thrw slowness, weakness and poison.
The bat is one of the smallest mobs in the game. The bat is only found in caves. They can hang on the roof of caves.
The silverfish is the 3 smallest mob in the game. It can go under blocks and when you break a block they might come out.
A mooshoom is the only mob witch has food on its back. The mooshoom is found on a rare little iland. The iland has big mushroom on it.
magma cube
The magma cube is like a slime but differnt. The magma cube is only found in the nether and when it jumps it looks like a slink. The magma cube does the same attack move as the slime does.
The squid can oy survie under water. The squid just swims around in the water doing nothing. The squid only drops insacks witch you can make into black dye.
The horse is a animal witch you can ride on to go faster. the horse come in all sorts of colours. To get a horse you need to keep riding on its back untill there are love hats. to make a horse to go witch way you want to go you will need a saddle.
The blaze is hard to defeat because it can fly and shoot fire balls at the same time. the blaze is immune to fie and can set its self on fire when it is angry.
zombie pigman
The zombie pigman has a golden sword. If you hit it its entire herd would try and kill you. The zombie pigman is immune to fire. They can be wondering around the nether all in a nether fortess.
wither skeleton
The wither skeleton is taller then a normal skeleton. The wither skeleton only holds a stone sword. You can only find them in the nether fortress. If you have a skeleton spawn egg and you spawn them in the nether there is a 80% chance that it will spawn a wither skeleton.
Steve is the person you play as. Steve is the only thing the game witch can mine,craft,break blocks and other stuff. You can also change skins to like a Mario skin or a slender man skin.
The wither is a boss witch is hard to defeat. the wither is made by 4 blocks of soul a sand and 3 wither skulls. The wither has three heads and all three shoot out wither skulls. The wither will destroy any mob it sees.
ender dragon
The Ender dragon is one of the boss' in the game. there are tall obsivne towers witch you need to climb up. The Ender dragon is only found in the end. the Ender dragon can fly. During the battle he fly's most of the time.
the bunny is a passive mob that can be spawned in almost any biome. The rabbit hops instead of walking like other mobs
an endermite looks like a silver fish but a black enderman colour. An endermite can spawn when you teleport with an ender pearl.
the guardian is an underwater hostile mob.The guardian also has a mini boss that is larger and grey called the elder guardian.
thank you for listening 4 gold
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