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Role of Tour Operators/ Chain of Distribution Year 9

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Meena Nagarajan

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Role of Tour Operators/ Chain of Distribution Year 9

Chain of Distribution
The demand for the holidays at specific seasons.

The price the traveler is willing to pay.

Factors influencing tour operators
Identify and meet the customer expectations
Assemble tourism products based on customer requirements
Provide a coordinated and seamless travel experience.
Reduce prices by negotiating and pre purchase tourism products in bulk
Issue and deliver travel documentation
Assess and monitor the quality of facilities and products
Provide appropriate travel information
Undertake pre and post experience market research
Complaint handling

Success of a tour operator
Chain of Distribution
Tour Operators
Success of a Tour Operator
Able to draw up the chain of distribution
understand the role of tour operators
Able to list down the steps of success for tour operators.

Understand the chain of distribution
Analyse the role of tour operators

Providers of Travel Products
(acommodation, transport , other services)
Wholesalers- Tour Operators
Retailers-Travel Agencies
Direct Sell Via Internet
Tour Operators
Tour Operators are the wholesalers of tourism products. They assemble the different components of all the areas of tourism industry.
They buy in bulk from the providers of the travel services such as hoteliers and airlines ,break them into several packages and then market it to the customers.
Economies of Scale—more products they buy better price they pay. They are able to obtain the hotel rooms and airline seats at a low price as they buy in bulk and also take the responsibility to market the product
Tour operators need to consider the following two factors before planning a package
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