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Grey Owl Project

For Mr. Wilderman

Andriy Guravskyy

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Grey Owl Project


Time Line of Grey Owl

September 8th 1888

Archibald Stansfeld Belaney was born in September 1888
near Hastings, England.

Why it's important

Archie saw the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show which began his fascination with Indians and their culture.

Why it's important

Archie was amazed by this show. As a child he would always pick to be the Indian in the game "Cowboys and Indians" simply because he thought the way they dressed and acted was cool. This show reinforced that image in Archie's mind. It also inspired his entire childhood dream of becoming an Indian in the future. As a result, it will influence him to make other decisions that will lead him to accomplishing this task.

August 1903

Archie marries an Ojibway woman called Angele.

Why it's important

Ever since he met this woman in 1908 at the Temagami Inn, she opened up an opportunity for Archie to study her culture and language. He learned how to set traps and was taught the way of life by Angele's relatives of the tribe. This was important because he was no longer dreaming of becoming an Indian; he already was an Indian. This acceptance from the Indians brought him closer to fully adopting the identity of an Indian.

August 23 1910

May 23 1923

Archie's 4th toe on his right foot is removed at London General Hospital after his battle of Ypres in 1916

Why it's important

Archie's injury was the reason he was discharged from the Canadian Army. His toe never completely healed, which gave him a slight disadvantage to hunting on the trail in the future. This impacted his physical ability to completely hunt like a true Indian. If it wasn't for this incident, he might have stayed in the army and not continued his journey of fully adopting the Indian identity.

March 1917

Archie gained recognition from the newspaper after his role of an Indian Chief at a Victoria Day party he created.

Why it's important

This was the first time Archie's Indian lifestyle gained him publicity. His erratic dancing, loud music, and fake sacrifice during his performance sparked interest in his identity and lifestyle, and would contribute to his growing fame as an Indian. This event increased his morale and prompted him to continue establishing his Indian Identity.

Archie met a Mohawk woman named Pony which he called Anahareo on Lake Temagami.

Why it's important

Summer of 1925

Archie hears the cry of two baby beavers after their mother dies in a trap and proceeded to adopt them as pets.

Why it's important

This event was the "breaking point" for Archie. He broke his old way of thinking which included hunting animals and began to evolve by respecting them as co-habitants. Shortly after he promised Anahereo that he would never kill another beaver again and would stive to help preserve Canadian wildlife.

Spring of 1928

Archie receives money to support his beaver colony from a magazine article he wrote to Country Life.

Why it's important

Archie realized that gaining publicity and recognition was the answer to raising money for his colony. Later on in the year he had over a $1,000 in donations to start his colony. This quickly prompted him to make plans about finding the ideal location for the beavers.

March of 1929

Archie finds the perfect location for the beavers: Lake Ajawaan near Waskesiu, SK.

Why it's important

The construction of this half-cabin-half-beaver dam enabled Archie to participate in long-term assessments of the beaver's lifestyle and behavior. This was the start of his contribution to preservation of wildlife. He was beginning to make a significant impact through a film he produced this year and through many of his written articles for magazines.

Spring of 1931

Archibald Stansfeld Belaney or "Grey Owl" as he is popularly know, dies of pneumonia in Prince Albert Hospital.
Why it's important

Archie's death was a very important part of his life because he successfully ended the Grey Owl image. The day after his death a paper published the truth about his identity, and that he was not Indian like he said he was. His Englishmen identity and his personal life with his ongoing affairs and frequent drinking sprees changed people's perception of Grey Owl. It was for the positive and negative. The negative stands obvious, but the positive was that more people could relate because he was not perfect either. He managed to inspire thousands of people to take action and preserve Canada's wildlife which our whole country was built on, and that is what comes to mind today when you mention the identity of Grey Owl.

April 13 1938

Archie's career path as Grey Owl progresses as he continues to enrich more and more lives everyday by traveling across the country and the world giving presentations on the importance of preserving Wildlife.

Why it's important
Archie's identity as Grey Owl was becoming very popular and as a result he spent more time developing his Indian image through writing books, filming, and giving presentations. Meanwhile his personal life was beginning to fall apart because he lost that special connection with Anahareo he once had when they were looking after the baby beavers. He had gone from living the life of an Indian to presenting himself to the world as an Indian, while in reality not living the lifestyle he once lived due to his busy life. This was the reason Anahareo lost interest and left him. But shortly after Archie married Yvonnne, who was able to support his role and encourage his path of raising awareness for wildlife, and that was exactly what Archie needed.

1929 to 1938

Anahareo was very influential on Archie and helped shape his identity. She discourage Archie's hunting practices during their first years together by abstaining from them. Although Archie slowly became more environmentally friendly such as not killing the beavers during spring, he had not completely resigned the idea of trapping. She would later support his goal of conservationism.
Archie came from an upper class family. His father was a spendthrift and a relentless drunk who abandoned Archie to his mother Juliana Belaney and later fled to the United States with his wife Kittie. As a result, Archie grew up without a father figure in his life. At a young age, Archie developed a love for pet animals and adventure in the great outdoors. This was the affection that would one day grow into something more.
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