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Jack Finnigan and Nick Gilio T7

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Jack Finnigan and Nick Gilio T7

Jack Finnigan Nick Gilio t7
friend of the devil
I enjoy listening to the grateful dead . My favorite artist in the band is Mickey Hart. I think he is the best drummer He was born September 11 1943 he is currently 70 his fellow band mates were Jerry Garcia, bob weir , Phil lesh , Robert hunter , Bruce Hornsby , and many more . You would hear his music in the background of the song . the kind of music he played was country rock and classic rock one of the channels hes on is grateful dead channel on sirus xm. They were born all in San Fransico
Grateful Dead
forte is the dyanmics of the song .The tempo of the music is presto. The pitch is low .The timbre of the song is fast upbeat, it keeps peoples heads up also brings joy to people . Bands that have the same material and songs as greatful dead is the blue dogs. I picked this song because of the beat and the uplifting tune of the song.

5 fun facts
Jerry Garcia lost 2/3 of his middle finger
they played 2,013 shows between 1965 and 1995
the song dark star was as long as 48 minutes
Jerry Garcia has his own ice cream flavor from Ben and Jerrys
There song trukin was in us treasures
drums piano guitar vocals
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