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Cyrano Act 2

No description

Izzy John

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano Act 2

Act 2 Ragueneau Let's poets pay with poems Not getting much money Wife gets pissed makes him use the poems for wrapping paper Roxane & Cyrano have known each other since they were kids very close very distant Relatives Roxane makes Cyrano promise to keep Christian safe Roxane says you can see a lovers soul in their eyes Cyrano gives Duenna pastries Tells her to go eat them ouside so he and Roxane can talk alone In Cyrano's battle (100 men) he hurt his hand Roxane tends to it while they talk And to be his friend Christian and Cyrano Cyrano & Christian make a bargain they decide to use Cyrano's soul and Christians looks to make the perfect romantic hero Roxane wants a letter from Christian so







wrote confessing his love for her
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