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huck finn map project


jennifer kasnadi

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of huck finn map project

Huck and Jim's adventure towards freedom By: Jennifer Kasnadi
pd.2 Episode 1: Let's runaway! Characters:
Huckleberry Finn
Jim Setting: Jackson’s Island, located in the Mississippi River near Hannibal, Missouri in central Missouri, uninhabited Plot summary:
Huck finn, the protagonist of the story, was awarded a large sum of money. Judge Thatcher and the Widow Douglas attempt to “sivilize” huck through education, manners, culture, etc. His father returns to Hannibel and kidnaps Huck b/c he wants Huck’s money. Huck then fakes his death by running away. He goes to Jackson’s Island first and the meets Jim, the Widow Dougals’ slave, and learns that he is running away also. Huck decides to travel with Jim towards freedom “. . . I’d made up my mine ’bout what I’s agwyne to do. You see, ef I kep’ on tryin’ to git away afoot, de dogs ’ud track me; ef I stole a skift to cross over, dey’d miss dat skift, you see, en dey’d know ’bout whah I’d lan’ on de yuther side, en whah to pick up my track. So I says, a raff is what I’s arter; it doan’ MAKE no track.” (55) Conflict:

Man vs. Society b/c Huck doesn’t want to become civilized and conform to society and Jim doesn’t want to follow southern society rules of slavery so they runaway to be free from that What huck learns:

After the adventures of Tom Sawyer Huck encounters this predicament and decides that he doesn’t want to live with the Widow and be “sivilized” and although he doesn’t have to conform to society while living with Pap he doesn’t want to live with him and stay a prisoner Key questions:

Is it better to live for yourself rather than for the expectations of others?
Is it really that bad to conform to society? Episode 2: Family Feud Characters:
Jim Miss Sophia
Miss Charlotte Setting: Compromise (Grangerford and Shepherdson country) located near the Mississippi river relatively south, near Memphis Plot summary:
After traveling down the river for a while, Huck gets off the raft to check if the light they see if it is coming from a town called Cairo, which would mean that jim is free. After landing Huck meets the Grangerfords and learns about what a feud is. After observing the Grangerford's and Shepherdson’s feud and getting involved in their trouble, Huck returns to the raft and continues down the river with Jim “Other places do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft don’t. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft.” (134) Conflict:

Man vs. Man b/c the Grangerfords are fighting against the Shepherdsons What Huck learns:

When Huck suddenly becomes involved with the Grangerford's and Shepherdson’s feud he realizes the absurdity and hypocrisy of humans/society. The Grangerfords are fighting against the Shepherdsons and no one really knows the reason why; they’re just fighting for the sake of fighting. Also even though they go to church and killing other people is a sin the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons do it anyway Key questions:
Should a parent’s conflict, with another person, involve their descendents?
Would the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons be considered “sivilized”? Episode 3: The Great Scam Characters:
The Dauphin
The Duke Setting: Mid way down Arkansas Plot summary:
After leaving Grangerford’s and Shepherdson’s town, Huck and Jim travel down the river more and meet two men that ask to be let on their raft. One claims he’s the Duke of Bridgewater and one claims he’s the king of France. Jim believes them, Huck has his doubts but doesn’t do anything about it. Once they got mid-way into Arkansas they stop by a town and put on a “thrilling tragedy” but it ends up being a scam. Jim then tells Huck that he doesn’t like how the Duke and Dauphin scam people and Huck says nobles are known to constantly lie, steal, and decapitate “Hold on! Just a word, gentlemen.” They stopped to listen. “We are sold—mighty badly sold. But we don’t want to be the laughing stock of this whole town, I reckon, and never hear the last of this thing as long as we live. NO. What we want is to go out of here quiet, and talk this show up, and sell the REST of the town! Then we’ll all be in the same boat. Ain’t that sensible?” (167) Conflict:

Internal Conflict b/c Huck knows that the Duke and Dauphin aren’t actually royals and he knows that them scamming people is bad but he doesn’t reprimand them for it b/c he’s afraid of the consequences or trouble they’ll bring What Huck learns:

When he is imposed by the Dauphin and the Duke to take them in on the raft he realizes that it’s better to let them do what they want rather than create trouble for himself by saying no. He also doesn’t tell Jim that the Dauphin and Duke are pretending to be nobles to maybe not make him disappointed Key questions:

Is it morally alright to do something bad for a just reason?
Is the truth better left unspoken?
Episode 4: Let’s go to hell! Characters:
Stranger Setting: Pikesville/Columbia, about 2 miles from where they had escaped from Plot summary:
After traveling down the river again the four stop by another town and the Dauphin and Duke try to scam more people. Although this time the Duke and the Dauphin didn’t succeed in scamming people and they were chased out of town by a mob. Huck and Jim didn’t like how the Duke and Dauphin kept tricking people so Huck decided to hide their money and leave them, but it didn’t work out. the Duke and Dauphin although they didn’t get their money they found Huck and continued to travel with him. After going down the river some more they stop by a village called Pikesville and Huck notices that Jim is gone. He then realizes that the Duke sold him to a farm. Huck then contemplates about Jim and whether or not to help him, to send a letter to Miss Watson, or to pray. He then decides to go help Jim if it meant going to hell. Huck then asks the Duke who he sold Jim to, the duke initially slips and reveals where Jim really is (on the Phelps farm) but then changes his story and says he sold Jim to a man forty miles away. Huck then heads out on the three-day, forty-mile trip. Conflict:
Internal and Man vs. Society. Internal
b/c Huck doesn’t know if he should help Jim
or not. Huck then believes that this predicament
must be God’s punishment for the sin of helping
Jim. He then decides, “All right then, I’ll go to hell!” and resolves to “steal Jim out of slavery.” Man vs. Society
b/c by saving Jim, Huck goes against society b/c it’s breaking the law, it’s not normal for a white boy to help a black man, and it’s going against the social norms of society at that time. What Huck learns:
Huck realizes that Jim is a kind person, he cares for his family and he cares
for Huck, so Huck decides to save Jim b/c of their bond of friendship. He learns that sometimes it’s better to help a friend even if it meant going against the law. Key questions:
Is it always right to do something for the bond
of friendship?
Why do people lie? Chapter 5: So we’re free? Characters:
Tom Setting: The Phelps’s sawmill,
near Pikesville Plot summary:
Huck reaches the Phelps’ and pretends to be “Tom” the Phelp’s nephew in order to infiltrate the household and save Jim. Huck then learns that the Phelp’s nephew is actually Tom Sawyer. Huck then meets up with Tom and Tom decides to help in freeing Jim. Tom comes up with a plan to help Jim that has a lot of unnecessary factors vs. Huck’s plan to just steal the keys. Huck decides to use Tom’s plan b/c it has “style.” They eventually end up rescuing Jim and then get captured later b/c Jim had to take Tom back since he was shot. When Tom woke up later, he tells everyone that Miss Watson had died 2 months ago and that in her will they were to let Jim free, so Jim had been free this whole time. Then once that issue had been resolved, Tom’s Aunt Sally decided that she wants to adopt Huck, but Huck doesn’t want that because she’ll “sivilize” him so he decides to runaway west. “It was awful thoughts and awful words, but they was said. And I let them stay said; and never thought no more about reforming.” (223) “But I reckon I got to light out
for the territory ahead of the rest, because
Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and sivilize me, and I can’t stand it. I been there before.” (296) Conflict:
Man vs. Society b/c Huck again decides to run away because he doesn’t want to be adopted by Aunt Sally because she’s going to civilize him. If Huck were to become civilized then he would be conformed to society and he doesn’t want that. What does Huck learn:
He still doesn’t want to conform to society as he did in the beginning of the book and so he wants to runaway again. Key questions:
Does this show Huck’s regression since he shows the same behavior he did in the beginning of the book?
Why does Huck follow Tom’s lead?
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