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P1 multimedia in business

No description

clifford newell

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of P1 multimedia in business

Multimedia in Business Education and training online puzzles and games online games use video and sound and animation to help play the educational and entertain game and you would normally interact with the game via mouse or keyboard educational games can teach you something while you play the game when you get a question right it lets you further your game and when you get one wrong it makes you start again. information is used in many ways by multimedia in business whether its a spoken document or music or even an image database this mostly uses sound video and images and sometimes its interactive its useful to advertise and let people know whats happening in your business or its used on websites to explain what a product does and it might even show you how to use the product via animation or video and information is used on video boards mostly found near high traffic areas and they just play different adverts over and over so people in cars can see them and there are information kiosks for when your in a museum or somewhere you may need some guidance around the building or need information on a certain subject so these are useful to have. Simulations Simulations are very useful in multimedia business because they can be used to train people in dangerous and expensive exercises but with simulations they can be trained safely and inexpensively such as a flight simulator this trains pilots to fly planes or helicopters it can also be used in games and advertisements on a website and they are used to make videos too they are interactive allot of the time some are replicas of something like a plane cockpit or it can be a game where you can use your mouse and keyboard to interact and all the simulations have to be as close to reality as possible. marketing and advertising multimedia advertising and marketing is important in a business because they need to promote there products and they can do this in a few ways such as use animation or video and sound to make an advert on a website or on TV an they could make the advert interactive to draw people in to use it and they could use animation and video to use a video board etc multimedia business can use multimedia in educating and training its new employees by creating a virtual representation of something that your teaching them and you can make simulations or scenarios of a disaster in there line of work and they would have to solve it and these would all use animation maybe video and sound and they would need to interact with it by using keyboard or mouse. THE END
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